11 Super Inexpensive or Free Souvenirs at Walt Disney World

Disney Souvenirs Minnie Mouse

We have a budget for every Walt Disney World vacation we take. Hey, I’d rather stay on budget and visit twice a year than go way over what we planned to spend and have to skip a vacation, you know? Compliments of multiple vacations, we’ve collected super inexpensive and free souvenirs at Walt Disney World and not only are they definitely within our travel budget, 10 out of the 11 are free- and highly packable so you won’t have to buy a suitcase to take home your goodies.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards

Sorcerers cards

Found at the Fire Station on Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom, these cards are for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom– a free, interactive, and super fun game. You, along with every person in your gaming party, may collect one packet of cards everyday you play. While there are common cards among the lot, the Halloween and Christmas party cards are very collectible.


Mayor of Magic Kingdom

In every theme park and at the onsite resorts you’ll find cast members hankering to give out Disney-themed stickers. Look for the employees with them in their hands and all you have to do is ask.

Celebration Buttons

Celebration buttons

Celebration buttons are a cool way to customize your vacation. There are loads of different ones (Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.) and a few basics that cast members can customize. Ask at shops, resort front desks, and sometimes cast members will have baskets full of them along the main theme park drags.


WDW autographs

There are two ways to get free autographs: wait in meet and greet queues or make a reservation for a character meal. Don’t think you have to have an autograph book, either. Folks bring tote bags, shirts, hats, and even ceramics to be autographed. What you do with them once you’re home is your choice!

Kidcot Duffy the Bear Cutout

Kidcot Duffy the Bear cutout

Walk around World Showcase at Epcot and stop at the Kidcot stops along the way. The first one you stop at will give you a Duffy the Bear cutout on a stick that can be personalized at each additional stop. My daughter is a teenager and still loves to hit the Kidcot stops!

Pirate’s Adventure Maps

Pirate's Adventure Magic Kingdom

You’ll want to head to Adventureland in Magic Kingdom for this one. Look for the small building with a sign labeled “A Pirate’s Adventure”, head inside and sign up, and you’ll get your very own adventure map which is free to use and to keep. Oh, and the game is really fun and only takes a few minutes.

Transportation Cards

Transportation cards

One of the most recent findings in our WDW collections is transportation cards. Ask any cast member running the transportation for some and most times they do. The cards offer fun facts about the transportation and cool photos.

Jedi Training Certificate

Disney Hollywood Studios

Full disclosure: we’ve never participated in the Jedi Training Academy so hence the lack of photo for the certificate.  You’ll need to head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios at rope drop or before and make signing up for the academy at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost top priority. Availability is super limited as it’s very popular, but the training certificate is well worth it to Star Wars fans ages 4-12.

Captain Jack’s Pirate Tutorial Certificate

Pirate tutorial

Around six times a day, Captain Jack Sparrow makes a fun appearance in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom and hosts a tutorial on how to be a pirate. Kids that take the pledge and oath are given a not only the perfect photo op but an official membership scroll.

Enchanted Tales with Belle Bookmark

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Catch an interactive show at Enchanted Tales with Belle in the New Fantasyland Expansion in Magic Kingdom and you’ll get the chance to participate in the show as well as a bookmark from Belle herself at show’s end.

Pressed Pennies

Pressed pennies at WDW

The only item on this list that has a charge, pressed pennies are a fun, and inexpensive collector’s item. Pressed penny locations are all over WDW  and at every theme park, some stores including Emporium in MK, in onsite resorts, etc. Cost per pressed penny: 50 cents plus your own penny. New to WDW: pressed quarters! Cost is $1.00 plus your own quarter.

11 cSuper inexpensive (or free!) souvenirs at WDW

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