Seven Super Cool Secrets on Main Street USA at Walt Disney World

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When you visit Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, do you make a beeline for the popular rides and barely notice the details of Main Street U.S.A. in your hustle? I have to admit, my first few visits I was guilty of the same. Now that we have ridden the rides dozens of times, watched the shows and parades so often that we can recite them and sing along with the parade songs, it’s fun to hang around Main Street U.S.A. and check out the fun details. That old adage “it’s all in the details”? It was never truer than at Walt Disney World and Main Street U.S.A. is no exception. Want the skinny on what goes into its magic? Here’s seven secrets on Main Street U.S.A. that will make you want to mosey.

All Aboard!

Take the time to sit under the train station and you’ll hear a telegraph. The message is the opening speech given by Walt Disney on Disneyland’s opening day. Check out the shelves in the Train Station, too- you’ll spy fun character objects waiting to be returned to their owners. We loved checking out the details during our magical First Family day.

A Lesson in Perspective

Main Street U.S.A. uses forced perspective. Translation? The buildings on either side of the street’s first story is 10 feet tall and the top story is only 8 feet in height. This not only makes the street look much longer when you enter (and shorter when you’re all pooped out and are ready to leave!), but it makes Cinderella Castle look even taller than its 183 feet. There are two buildings that do not use forced perspective- Town Square Hall and the Train Station.

Second Story Name Dropping on Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street USA Windows

The second story windows along Main Street U.S.A. have names and titles on each. The names are in honor of Imagineers and prominent Disney folks including Walt Disney. You’ll see his name at the beginning and end of the street- just like in the opening and closing credits of a movie.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Where you walk on Main Street U.S.A. can mean the difference between trolley tracks or getting the VIP treatment. The sidewalks are red- and WDW’s way of rolling out the red carpet for its guests. I knew I felt special…

Let There Be (a Lesson in) Light


As you begin your walk down Main Street U.S.A., check out the lighting on both sides of the street. Disney is so brilliant when it comes to U.S. evolution (think Liberty Square’s buildings), so the lights when you enter are representative of gas lamps and the end of the street closest to the castle offers electrical lamps.

That’s Entertainment!

Main Street U.S.A. offers its guests fun, free, and interactive shows throughout the day, and Citizens of Main Street U.S.A. are always hanging out and they LOVE chatting with folks! Hit the time right and you can catch a trolley show, the flag lowering ceremony, and the Dapper Dans- one of my family’s favorites.

You Know You’re Hungry

Disney Cookie

This one was so well planned by Imagineers: all of the dining offerings on are the right side of the street as you walk in and stores are on the left. Why? Most folks walk on the right side of the street and are hungry when they hit the park, so to make it easier,  WDW creators strategically placed food on the right. Why shopping on the left? Because you can’t leave without picking up a little something.

We know Disney World is the coolest, but there's so many fun secrets to be learned! Here's seven of the coolest secrets about Main Street U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom!


Do you have any additional Main Street U.S.A. secrets? Please let me know in the comment section below!


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