Escape the Heat At Walt Disney World with Magic Kingdom Indoor Attractions

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

There’s two reasons we head to Walt Disney World in April and October: the moderate climate and the Festivals at Epcot. Having written that, there are days during both of those times of year that the sweltering, Central Florida heat rears its head and all we want to do is head to the nearest Magic Kingdom attraction to enjoy the air conditioning and recharge for a few minutes. This got me thinking recently: which are the longest indoor attractions at Magic Kingdom where you can take a seat, watch a fun show, and escape the heat at Walt Disney World? Here they are in order of length.

Hall of Presidents – 22 Minutes

Hall of Presidents Liberty Square

Located in Liberty Square, Hall of Presidents is the longest indoor attraction at Magic Kingdom featuring every U.S. President with WDW’s famous audio animatronics. The show runs every 30 minutes and, unless it’s a super high crowd level day, there’s generally not much of a wait. This one’s good for letting wee ones take a quick cat nap.

Carousel of Progress -20 Minutes

Located in Tomorrowland, Carousel of Progress was Walt’s contribution to the 1964 World’s Fair. Another audio animatronic masterpiece, the revolving show highlights a typical American family through the end of the 20th Century. This is a slow moving rotating theater – perfect for young kids as it’s not too dark, either.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room – 20 Minutes

Tiki Room flowers

One of my family’s favorites, Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room is located in Adventureland and has a fun pre-show where you can stay out of the sun for a few minutes before heading into the Room. The songs are super catchy and the seating is plentiful. Great for kids of all ages as well.

Country Bear Jamboree -16 Minutes

Country Bear Jamboree

One of the original attractions at Magic Kingdom, the Jamboree is located in Frontierland and offers cool, quiet seating and fun bear audio animatronics. The songs are a hoot and there’s plenty of seating for hot, tired guests.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic – 12 Minutes


You can head indoors well before the show starts and hang out in a large lobby area to escape the heat. Head to Fantasyland for PhilharMagic and get ready for a 3-D musical fun fest! The show features popular Disney movie songs and has cool additional effects including spritzes of water and air.

Monsters Inc. Laugh Factory – 12 Minutes

Laugh Factory is an interactive attraction in Tomorrowland where Mike W. calls out members of the audience by telling jokes that folks have texted ahead of time. He even calls out audience members and encourages all to laugh along with the show so Monsters, Inc. can create precious energy out of laughs- not screams.

it’s a small world – 10 Minutes

it's a small world

Another Magic Kingdom classic, it’s a small world in Fantasyland has a super catchy song that will have you humming for hours, beautiful tributes to countries all over the world, and the slow-moving boat ride has a new interactive screen area at the end featuring guests’ names and salutations.

Pirates of the Caribbean – 9 Minutes

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Head to Adventureland to take a slow-moving boat ride with a pirate fantasy theme. Captain Jack Sparrow makes an appearance throughout the attraction and the dark, cool vibe is perfect for cooling off. Tip: the front two or three rows of each boat can get you pretty soaked (not kidding. We came off the front row drenched recently!) so if you don’t want hosed down ask for a seat in one of the back rows.

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