Important Things to Know about Walt Disney World Reopening 2020

Turnstil at Walt Disney World

Today is a big day, Disney fans! Walt Disney World has announced not only opening dates for its theme parks, but the guidelines that need to be followed to help keep us safe. From what to expect when you’re in the parks to ticketing and lodging (and, of course, masks) here are the most important things to know about Disney World reopening 2020.    When Is Disney World Reopening 2020?   Disney Springs opened this month on May 20th and, so far, so good. Guests are required to maintain a…

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Important Things to Know about Gervasi Vineyard for 2020

Gervasi Vineyard

Gervasi Vineyard is one of my favorite places to stay and visit in eastern Ohio. And from dining to lodging to simply walking the grounds, it’s a place I’m happy to return to over and over. But what’s new for this year? Here’s what you can look forward to and important things to know about Gervasi Vineyard in 2020.  If I had to start naming luxurious places to stay in Canton, Ohio, Gervasi Vineyard (GV) would truly be at the top of the list. The 55-acre winery resort offers a…

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Easy Churros Recipe – No Frying or Baking

Easy churros recipe - no frying

When it comes to churros, I enjoy the authentic recipe, but I don’t dig all of the frying. Add in all of the oil you need to fry churros and I’m definitely not down. So, I created an easy churros recipe that doesn’t add in oil, is not fried, and is really delicious. Here’s what you need for my churros recipe without oil.  If I were to give my favorite churros recipe, it’s the one you can get at Walt Disney World, particularly the churro bites served in Pecos Bill’s…

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Arriving at Disney World Before Check-In Time: Fun Things to Do

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Lobby

There have been plenty of instances where we’ve arrived at Walt Disney World before the official resort time of 3pm and we’ve had a very successful on-property first day. From dining to shopping to making the most of your resort, here are 9 fun suggestions for arriving at Disney World before check-in time. When it comes to Disney World Resorts we’ve checked in everywhere from 7am to 7pm. In general, if I’m on property at 7am, I’m taking my family to the parks for rope drop (my favorite time of…

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100+ Meatless Meals for Meatless Mondays or Any Day of the Week

Meatless Tacos meatless meals for Meatless Mondays

Whether you’re trying to cut back and simply don’t want to eat meat, or are wanting to try some spins on traditional dishes, here are over 100 meatless meals for Meatless Mondays, all tried and true from popular websites.  At least once a week, I and my family try to have a meatless dinner. and, because of my Cheesy Pierogy Pizza Recipe, I thought I’d make a list of some amazing recipes to share with my readers. That list turned out to be quite a big one with over 100…

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Disney World Virtual Tour 2020: Walt Disney World Ride POVs for Every Ride in All 4 Parks

Disney World Virtual Tour 2020 Slinky Dog Dash at Disney's Hollywood Studios

If you’re missing Walt Disney World like I tend to do at least once a week, you’re looking to get your much-needed fill of the the parks. For me, I like to look at front row POV (point of view) videos that really let me feel like I’m on the rides. So, I started compiling a link list to create my Disney World virtual tour 2020 fusing Disney ride POVs from my favorite YouTubers and thought I’d share them with you so you have them all in one place. And…

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Super Easy 3 Ingredient Biscuit Recipe

Easy three ingredient biscuit recipe

These biscuits are ideal for days when you want delicious, easy to make biscuits. Honestly, I’ve been making them on days when I run out of bread and they’re so quick. Here’s my easy 3 ingredient biscuit recipe that can be customized for both sweet and savory styles.  Quick backstory: I recently came home from the Gulf Shores and fell in love with their cuisine, including having biscuits for breakfast. A restaurant in Biloxi, MS, inspired me to come up with a biscuit recipe that’s not only super easy to…

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Disney Dining Plan Plus: How the 2020 Addition May Be Ideal for Your Trip

Disney Dining Plan Plus: Buffet Meal at Diamond Horseshow in Magic Kingdom

Have you heard about Disney Dining Plan Plus at Walt Disney World? It’s a new Disney Dining Plan 2020 option and might be exactly what everyone is looking for. A new twist on the Disney Dining Plan, it offers guests a little bit of everything. So, what is Disney Dining Plan Plus, how does it work, and what will it cost? Here’s the scoop on why it might make sense for your next visit.  Truthfully, I go back and forth regarding the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) depending on my budget…

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Disney Things to Do When You Can’t Leave the House

I get it, it’s not fun to be stuck indoors, so many of us are looking for ways to pass the time. There’s mandatory social distancing and going above and beyond to sanitize everything. And sadly, Disney Parks in the United States are closing through the end of March 2020. So, if you were dreaming of visiting the parks during this time and had to cancel a reservation or just want a Disney fix to get you through, I’m right there with you. Here are my top Disney things to…

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Sweetnight Mattress Review: 12 Inch King Gel Memory Foam

From photos to a full unboxing video, here's my Sweetnight mattress review of a 12-inch Gel Memory Foam King. 

Sweetnight mattresses are affordable and easy to unbox but are they comfortable? From photos to a full unboxing video, here’s my Sweetnight mattress review of a 12-inch Gel Memory Foam King.  Disclosure: I was graciously given a Sweetnight Mattress in exchange for a full review and unboxing video. All HONEST opinions are my own! When it comes to online mattresses, quality, comfort, and price matters for me. Next, I’m all about ease of unboxing, especially if I’m doing it by myself. Lastly, I want one made from good things because…

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