Why Is Public Wifi Dangerous? The 5 Biggest Risks of Using Public Wifi

biggest risks of using public wifi

Public wifi hotspots can still be dangerous. Yes, cybersecurity has evolved, but hackers and scammers have gotten more creative as well.Unknown wifi connections (especially public, open ones) create an ideal environment for scammers to break into your personal data. Even though this is a declining trend, we should still talk about the biggest risks of using public wifi.  Let’s dig in!  Malware Infections The most obvious way to hurt public wifi users is through malware distribution. When anyone can connect to a network, all sorts of hidden files can be sent…

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10 Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana Right Now

Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana right now

If you’re like I am, you can’t get enough of Amish wares and food. And when it comes to Amish things to do in Shipshewana, IN, the list is long. So, where do you start narrowing down the best of? Right here! From authentic Amish buggy rides to plays and, of course, food, here are 10 things to do in Shipshewana right now. Amish Things to Do in Shipshewana Right Now I adore the city of Shipshewana. While there’s only around 650 actual residents, hit the city on a bustling…

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Bradley Hotel Secrets: 8 Heartwarming Things You Didn’t Know

bradley hotel fort wayne review lobby sitting area

The Bradley Hotel in Fort Wayne is the latest boutique hotel to hit the spotlight. For fans of the. Vera Bradley empire, the hotel is an extension of the colorful patterned accessories. It’s a way to be immersed in the lifestyle, too. But did you know about The Bradley Hotel secrets? Here’s a fun peek at the details that make the property unique. Bradley Hotel Secrets This past week was the second time I had the pleasure of exploring The. Bradley Hotel. So, instead of just oohing and aahing over…

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Is It Safe to Travel During Hurricane Season? 9 Important Questions Answered

travel during hurricane season bending palm trees

If you’re planning a vacation during hurricane season, you undoubtedly have questions. And then once you begin researching, you have even more. To help you plan for travel during hurricane season, here are the answers to some of the top questions.  Is it Safe to Travel During Hurricane Season? Frequently Asked Questions on Travel During Hurricane Season Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions from visitors traveling or planning to travel during hurricane season. Generally speaking, hurricanes are very rare and direct impacts at a particular destination…

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What Rides Can Babies Ride at Universal Orlando? 14 Fun Options

what rides can babies ride at universal orlando -

When it comes to figuring out what rides can babies get on at Universal Orlando, it’s far different than, say, Disney World. Both of its theme parks are more catered to kiddos ages three and up, mainly. But, there are still things you can do when you visit. From playgrounds to live shows, here are the best things to do at Universal Orlando with babies. What Rides Can Babies Ride at Universal Orlando? Look, I’m going to be honest right from the get go. Universal Orlando is popular for two…

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