About Sand and Snow

Things to do in Clearwater Beach, FL: Hang out at the beach

Karyn Locke does the writing. Steven Locke does the photography. A role switch has been known to happen, however. And about Sand and Snow: we’re a travel and lifestyle blog that features places we love, things we can’t live without, and foodie finds we think you should check out.


We fall in love with every new spot we visit, share our finds on social media, and can’t wait to show the world our latest obsessions. In a nutshell, we love sharing our lives, travel, photographs, and all of those happy moments that make us, well, us.

As for whom we’ve worked with, the list is growing by the minute. On Sand and Snow you’ll find posts about Disney, Best Buy, Walmart, Cedar Point, Xanterra, Smithfield, Yoplait, and Royal Seas. We also love working with CVBs and individual destinations so please feel free to reach out. If you’d like more information, please check out our media kit.

Then there’s Karyn’s latest venture, television. You can find her on local Pittsburgh stations including KDKA- TV and national shows including The CW’s Jet Set and PBS’s Family Travel with Colleen Kelly. It’s these segments, both live and recorded, that are making way for future shows.

Have questions? Please reach out to klocke@sandandorsnow.com for more information.

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