Five Reasons Why My Family Loves Rope Drop at Magic Kingdom

If you’ve ever visited Walt Disney World and have arrived early enough at Magic Kingdom for rope drop, you know just how magical that time of the morning can be. My family wakes up at the crack of dawn on our scheduled Magic Kingdom park day just to make sure we are at the entrance to the park when the proverbial gates open. Here are five reasons why my family loves rope drop at Magic Kingdom. 

Update: Since this post was written, several things about rope drop at Magic kingdom have changed. I could change them, but I’d rather leave this post for nostalgic reasons.  If you’d like to read about the updated version, here are four things to do before rope drop at Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Enjoy! 

Welcome Show

There’s nothing like watching the Walt Disney World Railroad roll in front of the Magic Kingdom gates and drop off at least a dozen Disney characters. That’s the time when the countdown to rope drop begins.

I’m not gonna lie; watching the Welcome Show always gets me misty eyed. Heck, just watching the video above made me a little choked up.

Lower Crowds

I love this photo. It was taken right after rope drop in Liberty Square. See anyone around?

Apart from The Hub area, the New Fantasyland Expansion, and directly behind Cinderella Castle, there’s plenty of room for frolicking, skipping, and even spinning with arms wide open in the other areas. Want a few pics of the kids running around in Magic Kingdom? Rope drop is the time to do it.


Classic Disney Transportation down Main Street USA

Want a ride on a Main Street Transportation Company vehicle? Rope drop is the time to do it. We love jumping in a car or on the trolley and hitching a ride straight down Main Street. The vehicles will stop directly in front of Cinderella Castle and the drivers love taking photos.

A Chance to Become Family of the Day

Each day when the visitors start to gather in front of Magic Kingdom, one lucky family is chosen as Family of the Day at Disney and gets to open the park along with the characters and other cast members. We’ve never been chosen, but it’s definitely a dream of ours.


Photos Without a Crowd

Sometimes you’ve just gotta take one on the chin and realize that there’s always crowds at Walt Disney World. Having said that, rope drop is a great time to grab photos of park features without gigantic crowds. It’s a lot easier to take photos of details when there isn’t someone walking in front of them constantly.


Here’s my top five reasons why we love rope drop. Do you have one? Please let me know in the comments below!

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