How To Prepare Your RV for a Family Road Trip – 5 Easy Tips

How To Prepare Your RV for a Family Road Trip

Before you gather your family in an RV for a road trip, there are just a few things you should prepare for and consider. How to prepare your RV for a family road trip can be a snap with these 5 easy tips – here are the essentials to make it easy for you.

How To Prepare Your RV for a Family Road Trip
RV’ing can be fun with these easy tips.

How To Prepare Your RV for a Family Road Trip

Whether you decide to rent or own an RV, hitting the paved highway with your family is an adventure in the making. Accommodating the whole family can be challenging for many because everyone has their own needs.

And while there are advantages and disadvantages to family road trips in RVs, the pros far outweigh the cons as long as you prepare deliberately. 

Use Soft Luggage and Pack Light 

A common mistake while road tripping in an RV as a family is packing too much. Naturally, caregivers overpack for their children because they want to ensure they have enough or cover any incidentals. But typically speaking, there’s always extra. The less you pack and the softer it is, the easier time you will have storing it and and the more time for enjoying the vacation. 

How To Prepare Your RV for a Family Road Trip – Snack Smart

Not every snack is RV-friendly. You want to consider the finger snacks your family often enjoys, so you can pack a few good snacks and skip having to buy extra or packing too many. Great options include popcorn, pretzels, and bulk produce like grapes, carrots, cherries, and apples. You should also consider easy-to-cook foods to cut back on trip spending. 

Also, consider a filtering water pitcher for the fridge instead of buying cases of water – more space and less cost!

How To Prepare Your RV for a Family Road Trip – Invest in Insurance 

Investing in the correct type of vehicle and travel insurance is an absolute must when you prepare for an RV trip. This applies whether you rent or own the RV. The insurance can help cover the cost of stolen or damaged goods and any damages incurred to the vehicle. 

Insurance can also cover any unexpected services or repairs you make while traveling. It’s essential to read all the details of the coverage you select to confirm what you can make claims on. 

How To Prepare Your RV for a Family Road Trip – – Be Mindful About the Electronics 

The RV runs on solar or generator depending on the make, model, and updates. If you plan to use the appliances for cooking meals or storing food, consider cutting back on external electronics. 

You might receive flak from your family about this but remember that this is an opportunity to connect with each other and enjoy the sights and surroundings. Consider an RV trip in the North Georgia mountains to keep your loved ones entertained and enjoy the many stops along the way.  

How To Prepare Your RV for a Family Road Trip – Use All the Space You Have Wisely 

Packing light and being mindful about food can help you use the space wisely. Because there isn’t much room, you want everything to have a home. Whether you’re in the RV for 3 days or 15 days, you want everything unpacked and in places that are both convenient and easy to remember. 

Having luggage and backpack straps on the floor and furniture can hinder your family’s ability to enjoy the space safely. Additionally, neatly store all your items in the cabinets and closets, so they’re easily accessible for everyone and you don’t have to spend your vacation cleaning. 

Remember that this is a family road trip, and you’re supposed to have fun. Everything else is semantics, and in the grand scheme of things, enjoying this time to connect is all that matters. 

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