8 Things NOT to Pack for Walt Disney World

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I love looking a packing lists when it comes to Walt Disney World. Heck, I’m a certified overpacker and proud of it. But, when you’re headed to WDW on a plane or have limited space in your suitcase, I’ve learned what I absolutely don’t have to bring when staying on property. Here’s the most common things not to pack for Walt Disney World and where to find them.

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1. Bandages

Packing a box of bandages just in case we got blisters from walking loads of miles in the parks day after day was common for us. Then I learned on probably our second visit that the First Aid Centers in each park will give you complimentary bandages – all you have to do is go in and ask for them.

2. Insect Repellent

Compliments of the Zika Virus scare, WDW has designated insect repellent stations in each park (and Disney Springs) to use at your leisure. What began as small bottles of Cutter brand repellent has turned into large jugs on tables. At the resorts, ask the front desk for some.

First Aid Centers at Walt Disney World What not to pack for Disney

3. Tylenol/Advil

Once again, the First Aid Centers in the parks are where you need to head. Compliments of the thrill rides, I always end up with a headache so I hit the center and ask for them. If you feel like you’ll be using more than a dose or two, the centers will sell you full bottles.

4. Shampoo & Soap

Unless you’re really adamant about using your own shampoo and soap, there’s no need to cart it in your suitcase. If you run out in your resort room, call Mousekeeping or stop at the front desk for more. I’ve brought my own in the past but find the resort’s packaging so appealing that I always end up using it.

Head swimming from all of the "what to pack" lists? Here's 8 things NOT to pack when heading to Walt Disney World!

5. Water

There’s many a folk that likes to lug bottled water in their bags, but, unless you don’t like the taste of Central Florida water, you can grab free cups of water and ice at any theme park food service area that sells fountain drinks.

6. Antacids

If you’re not popping heartburn aids constantly, again, the First Aid Center is your friend. Stop in and ask for some. If you tend to take them frequently, it’s probably a good idea to pack them unless you want to keep running back and forth.

7. Thermometers

Have small children that seem to catch every virus within a 100 mile radius? Then taking their temperature is a must – but there’s no need to bring one with you. First Aid Centers have thermometer strips for your use.

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8. Tissues

Hit the First aid Station at any theme park or the front desk at one of the resorts for portable tissue packages.

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