How to Snack on Road Trips: 5 Deliciously Easy Tips

How to snack on road trips

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As a family that is constantly road tripping, fast food and convenient store snacks can only go so far before we’re craving better options. And, while junk food is the easy route, we’ve learned what to pack in our snack bags to keep us energized and ready to visit our next destination. Here’s my best tips for how to snack on road trips!

best snacks for a road trip

1. Make a List Before You Travel

A couple of days before we road trip, I’ll ask Mr. Locke and The Kid what they’d like to snack on. Honestly, it depends on the season: fresh fruits in summer, heartier snacks in winter. But, it comes down to items that will pack in our cooler and travel well. Asking your family what they’d like to eat on the road will save you from buying snacks that no one will eat, too. That’s not only budget-wise but space saving.

Because I tend to leave the house without my paper list, I make a note on my iPhone of what we need and add/remove from it as needed. There’s always those snack staples that go with us on every trip and it’s a snap to look them up on my phone while at the grocery store.

2. Keep the Car Clean

No matter how hard we try, when we arrive home and start unpacking the car, it always looks like we’ve lived in it for months. But there are a few things to consider when packing snacks for the car. First, individually-wrapped/packaged snacks are easier to keep track of and keep organized. Also, consider how many of one snack you’ll need and leave the rest at home for another trip to save space. Second, keep a dedicated trash bag in the car and make it a habit to throw all wrappers/containers into it as soon as you’re finished eating or drinking. Lastly, empty that trash bag and empty it at each stop or break to keep bugs and smells out of the vehicle.

3. A Case of Water Goes a Long Way

When we’re road tripping at length, I’ll head to the grocery store beforehand and buy a case of bottled water. And, while thirst is the main reason, it also is good for emergencies like engine issues and diluting spills from other drinks. We also keep a few clean rags in the trunk just in case. In a pinch, I’ve even used a bottle of water as a magnifying glass. Yep, think National Treasure. It works.

4. What Travels Well?

There’s plenty of snacks that we enjoy that travel really well including trail mix, dried fruits, snack-size baked chips, and fruit. Of course, go with what your family enjoys or it will just be a waste of money and space. I also like to pack individual fruit drinks and ginger ale in case one of us gets an upset stomach.

As for our small cooler’s contents, it includes small bottles of chocolate milk, individually-wrapped sandwiches, and yogurt. Yes, yogurt. While I do make sure to pack plastic spoons that can be pitched or recycled, yogurt is a staple in our cooler. Tip: place individual cups of yogurt in the freezer (with or without adding a wooden stick) overnight. My teen likes to eat yogurt on the road when it’s still partially frozen. Any time of year, it’s an ideal backseat road trip treat! I also add ice in small freezer bags for adding to drinks, bumps or bruises, and keeping food and drinks cold.

Yoplait Multipacks Strawberry Peach
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5. On the Go with Yoplait Multipacks

Have you seen the new, fun look of  Yoplait Multipacks? The coolest packaging feature is easy open top – perfect for when you’re in a hurry and want to know which flavors are left to restock. Even with the top peeled open, each 8-pack is totally stackable in the fridge. Yoplait Multipacks come in fun flavors, too, including my family’s favorite, Yoplait® Original Strawberry/Harvest Peach. If peach isn’t your family’s bag, there’s three other multipacks at  Walmart to choose from:Original Strawberry 8 pack, Original Strawberry/Mixed Berry – 8 pack, Original Strawberry Banana – 8 pack, and Original Strawberry/Orange – 8 pack.

Yoplait multipacks for road trip snacking
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It’s a breeze to add a handful of trail mix or dried fruit to the cups for a fun take on the classic yogurt. Oh, and while we’re talking ease, did you know each Yoplait Multipacks yogurt cup has 6 grams of protein? That keeps The Kid full until we stop for a full meal.

Heading out on a road trip and need tips on how to snack the right way? Here's five deliciously-easy tips for road trip snacks!

What’s your best road trip snacking tip? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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