Is It Safe to Travel During Hurricane Season? 9 Important Questions Answered

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If you’re planning a vacation during hurricane season, you undoubtedly have questions. And then once you begin researching, you have even more. To help you plan for travel during hurricane season, here are the answers to some of the top questions. 

Is it Safe to Travel During Hurricane Season?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Travel During Hurricane Season

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions from visitors traveling or planning to travel during hurricane season. Generally speaking, hurricanes are very rare and direct impacts at a particular destination are rare.  However, you can never be too prepared. 

When Is Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is Wednesday, June 1 through November 30, give or take a day each year. This is the time of year when we’re most likely to see a hurricane due to atmospheric conditions. Now, that doesn’t mean we’ll see one, but it is very likely.

And typically, fall is when the most hurricanes will occur; however, hurricanes can also occur before or after this given timeline.

Where Is the Hurricane Belt?

The Hurricane Belt comprises part of the Atlantic Ocean, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea’s northern area, as well as the state of Florida and the Florida Keys.

Where do Hurricanes Occur Most Often?

First, let’s talk about where they’re not able to happen. If you’re traveling to an area that’s within 300 miles of the equator, you’ll find you’ll never have to worry about hurricanes, as they’re impossible to form due to the Coriolis Effect. 

As for where hurricanes occur most often, it’s the Atlantic Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Hawaiian Islands.

Hurricane Watch vs Warning?

According to the National Ocean Service, the differences are as follows:

Hurricane Watch – A hurricane watch means that hurricane conditions (sustained winds of 74 mph or higher) are possible within the specified area. A hurricane watch is issued 48 hours in advance of the anticipated onset of tropical-storm-force winds in an area.

During a hurricane watch, review your plan for evacuation in case a hurricane or tropical storm warning is issued. Listen closely to instructions from local officials.

Hurricane Warning – Warnings indicate that hurricane conditions (sustained winds of 74 mph or higher) are expected somewhere within the specified area.

Is It Safe to Travel to Florida During Hurricane Season?

I, personally, have traveled dozens of times with my family to Central Florida during hurricane season with no issues. So, in my opinion, yes, it’s safe to travel during hurricane season, but be sure to monitor any tropical storms or tropical storm warnings.

 We generally road trip around the Orlando area, but I do keep a watchful eye on weather, especially when we visit in autumn.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Hurricane Season? 

I say yes to travel insurance during hurricane season. In fact, I say yes to travel insurance any time of year. While areas that receive hurricanes do generally offer flexible cancellations and will work with travelers to rebook, having travel insurance is one more peace-of-mind layer to add to your trip. 

And if I had to name an affordable, reputable travel insurance company, I’m going with Seven Corners. The company offers trip protection (including trip interruption and cancellation benefits) for covered reasons that include hurricane warnings and watches issued by the NOAA Hurricane Center for your scheduled destination or your trip departure city. 

You can add on an optional Interruption for Any Reason (IFAR) benefit or Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit for additional protection if you have to interrupt a vacation early for ANY reason you wish or cancel a trip early for ANY reason you wish, — that even includes a fear of taking your trip or staying on your trip. 

Its Assist team gives 24/7 help as part of your non-insurance benefits, including assistance navigating travel difficulties, understanding how your benefits can help you, and locating a medical facility if you need medical care if you need it due to a hurricane. 

So, for instance, if you’re no longer able to stay in your lodging because it’s become uninhabitable, Seven Corners’ trip protection can help. And, if the government orders a mandatory evacuation due to a natural disaster at your destination, there’s help for that too, even if you’re outside the U.S.

Benefits to Look for in Your Travel Insurance

When looking for travel insurance plans, look for ones that cover cancellations for hurricanes, trip delays, trip interruption, and lost or damaged baggage. You’ll also want to make sure the plan you select includes travel medical coverage for illnesses and injuries that could occur on your trip (including the pandemic).

Again, Seven Corners provides plans that include all the above. 

What’s the Best Time to travel to the Caribbean?

If you want a winter getaway, the Caribbean is where you need to visit as the best months to go are December, January, and February. Knowing folks want to get away for the winter, it’s an ideal time to visit, and you’ll find everything you need will be open for a fun travel destination.

Best Beach Vacation Destinations During the Hurricane Season?

travel during hurricane season mexico pacific coast puterto vallarta mermaid statue
Puerto Vallarta’s famous mermaid statue on the malecon.

You’ll find plenty of beautiful, sandy beaches in these low-hurricane spots:

  • ABC Islands – Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao 
  • Barbados
  • Hawaii
  • Mexico Pacific Coast
  • Panama
  • Trinidad and Tobago

How Can I Stay Informed of Hurricanes?

Travel advisories provide visitors with real-time information from local tourism officials. You’ll also want to bookmark these links to advisories from states and national sources:

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