Complete Guide to Disney World Mask Policy: Your Top Questions Answered

guide to Disney World mask policy

It won’t be the first time I’ve written that face masks at Disney World do change the way you tour the theme parks, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, necessarily. And, as long as you play it safe, you’re keeping those around you safe – something I have not problem with. But, with the frequent updates and new information, I’m sure you have questions (so do I). So, what qualifies as a mask at Walt Disney World, which ones are the most comfortable, and what happens if you forget yours? Here’s my complete guide to the Disney World mask policy and your top questions answered. 

1. What Qualifies as a Proper Face Mask at Disney World?

guide to Disney World mask policy

At the time this post was written, Disney World’s mask policy has pretty strict standards, whether disposable or reusable:

  • Two ply (two layers of) fabric that’s breathable
  • Must fit snugly (but still offer comfort) along the sides of your face
  • Must completely cover the mouth and fit under the chin
  • Have ties or ear loops


2. What Does Not Qualify as a Face Mask at Disney World?


At this time, no neck gators are permitted. Also, you can’t fold over a triangle-shaped bandanna and tie it behind your head. 

Additionally, costume-style face masks are not permitted. 


3. When Do I Have to Wear a Face Mask at Disney World?


Basically, when you’re not eating or drinking or at a relaxation station. If you or the kiddos are age two and over, you need to wear one. There are folks in the parks to gently remind you of physical distancing and proper mask wearing if necessary. 

guide to Disney World mask policy Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland

4. When Can I Take My Face Mask Off at Disney World?


In a few places, actually:

  • When seated at your dining table during a meal
  • When eating or drinking
  • When at an official relaxation station. There are at least two in every theme park. 

Just announced, if eating or drinking with your face mask removed, you must remain stationary and maintain proper physical distancing of at least six feet apart. 

You can also remove your face mask if swimming at a Disney Resort, too. Right now, Disney World doesn’t offer splash pads in the parks or Disney Springs, so that’s not an issue. 


5. What Are the Best Face Masks to wear in at Disney World?


I tried five styles in the parks during my visit last week. If you like YouTube videos, here’s the link:

Out of the five styles I tried, I liked the inexpensive two-ply cotton masks from Target. They come in four different colors, are easy to wash and dry, and are comfortable. 

6. Are the Official Disney Face Masks Comfortable?


In a word, yes. Make sure you get the proper size for you, though. I have size large and it’s very comfortable. 

guide to Disney World mask policy Cinderella wire ears

7. Do I have to Wear My Mask for Temperature Screenings?


Yep. Honestly, you’re so close to a castmember when you do, it’s a no brainer. 


8. What Happens if I Forget My Face Mask?


You have a couple of options. Outside of Epcot (and I’m thinking it will be at more of the parks soon), there’s a paper mask vending machine. You can purchase one for $2. Also if you forget, Guest Services will guide you in the right direction until you can purchase a mask in the park. 


9. Do I Have to Wear My Mask on Disney Transportation? 


Yes! More than likely, you’ll be riding on Disney Transportation with other parties. And, although physically distant, take no chances. 

Right now, Disney Skyliner is having one party per car, so you won’t be riding with other parties. Still, keep that mask on. 


10. What Happens if My Mask Gets Wet/Sweaty?


Here’s my personal opinion: take an extra mask for each member of your party when you visit. That way, you’ll have a fresh mask when yours gets sweaty or wet from rain. Before you leave for the parks, throw one into your park bag in a plastic sandwich bag to keep it dry and clean. 

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11. Can I Take My Mask Off on the Rides for Photos?


Nope. Actually, if you take your mask of on a ride or attraction for photos, My Disney Experience and Memory Maker will block your photo. 

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