10 More Things to Buy for Your Disney World Park Bag: Important Items Not to Forget

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With the changes to our world this year, it’s expected to have plenty of changes to our Walt Disney World vacation as well. And when it comes to things to pack in your Disney park bag in 2022, you’ll need to tweak what you normally pack. So, what exactly do you need? From simple extras to items you many not have thought of, here are 10 more things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2022!

Visiting Walt Disney World in 2022 and want to make sure your go-to bag is filled with all of the essentials? From breath avers to extras, here are 10 things to pack in your Disney park bag for 2022! #Disney #WDW #DisneyPlanning #DisneyWorld #familytravel #Disneyparkbag #thingstopackforDisney

When it comes to things to buy for Disney World, the list can be long. But, this year, I’m adding to my list of things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2022. These additions will help keep my family safe

Things to Buy for Your Disney Park Bag in 2022: Extra Face Masks

things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2020: extra face masks

It’s hot in Central Florida, especially in summer and face masks at Disney Parks, as well as Disney World Resorts, are required. Add in the fact that you’re bound to be hot and sweaty, you’ll definitely want to pack extra face masks in case one gets messy from sweat. I’ll be taking both cloth and paper masks and swapping out when necessary.

How Many Masks Should You Pack?

Then there’s the midday rain that often comes from the humidity in the area. You’ll definitely want to change your face mask if it gets soaking wet, so be prepared and pack at least one extra one each day.

Pro Tip:

Tip: Before you do go, test drive your masks to make sure they’re comfortable. You don’t want to panic when you hit the parks because of improperly fitting masks. 

Two Large Plastic Bags

things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2020 plastic freezer bags

I’m not talking garbage bags, so think large freezer bags. I’m packing one to keep my extra face masks in and one for wet/sweaty/soiled ones. That way they’re separated. And, honestly, I’ll label each so I don’t mix the dirty ones in with the sweaty ones.


I have some from IKEA (the ones shown above are from Walmart) that are meant to be reusable and washed, so I’m packing those. And lately, I’ve seen plenty of department stores carrying additional brands of reusable storage bags, too.

Also, budget stores like Dollar Tree carry small to large size sealed plastic bags for an affordable price.

Hand Sanitizer

Disney park bag essentials: hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has always been in our park bag, but for many it’s not. Sure, WDW will have plenty of hand sanitizing stations, but I’ll feel more comfortable with my own small bottle tethered to me – just in case.

Pro Tip:

When I take my family, I generally take along one big bottle of sanitizer and then refill our smaller ones each night with it so we’re good to go the next morning.

Disinfectant Wipes

things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2020: disinfectant wipes

I’m not talking an entire container, but pop a few in a plastic bag to wipe down tables and chairs before you’re seated. I’ll feel more comfortable wiping down areas that I haven’t officially seen a castmember wipe down immediately beforehand.

Pro Tip: 

I’ve used, and continue to use, sanitizing wipes when in the parks and resorts. One, they make me more comfortable, Two, with the number of guests getting larger in the parks, oftentimes I’ll find dining tables that haven’t been clean yet and they’re perfect for that. And third, they’re great for hitting elevator buttons with.

Things to Buy for Your Disney Park Bag in 2022: Frozen Bottled Water

things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2020: bottled water

I’ve always lived by the rule that getting free cups of water is one of the best free things at Disney World. But this year, I’m changing my tune. I’ll be freezing a couple of bottles of water overnight and adding them into my park bag.

Pro Tip:

Not only is it one more way to avoid contact with others, the icy water is very cooling on my back by just being in my bag. Ones that haven’t been opened yet work best to avoid leaks. 

Of course, you can feel free to pack a portable drink holder and fill it with ice and water as well.

A Credit Card/Bank Card/Gift Card

things to pack in your Disney park bag in 2020: credit card bank card

The less I touch, the happier I’ll be – and that includes cash. So, I’ll have a Disney gift card for purchases and a credit card/ bank card to use just in case. I’ll also have my card linked to my MagicBand.

Additionally, you’ll want to mobile order your Quick Service meals if you can. Make sure you have a valid credit card linked ahead of time to make things easier.

Pro Tip:

WDW has the ability to use contactless payments via your phone as well, so set that up while you’re at it if you feel comfortable. 

Battery Charger and Phone Cord

things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2020: battery phone charger

Walt Disney World has charging stations in each park, but I have a feeling they’ll be at capacity frequently. For me, I’ll be bringing a battery charging pack with my own phone cord to charge during my visit.

You’ll need your phone for photos, to look at wait times for rides and attractions, and to keep updated on theme park information. If you have a phone like I do, the battery dies fast. 

Pro Tip:

Keep an eye out for battery charging fuel rod stations if you forgot to bring yours or need extra juice in an emergency. You purchase one time then continue to exchange each out for a fresh one when needed.

Your Own Metal Straw

things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2020: metal straw

First, having (and using) a metal straw cuts down on plastic. Second, it’s one less place you have to touch by not using a straw dispenser.

As a family, we have several and they have their own silicone containers to make packing/finding easier. (The ones shown are from the folks at Coastal Mississippi.)

Pro Tip:

You’ll want to look for ones that have a small brush to give them a good clean after you use, too. 

Things to Buy for Your Disney Park Bag in 2022: Mints

things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2020 mints

Hear me out on this one. Say you’re eating a meal and it’s very spicy/hot/garlicky. Immediately after, you have to put your mask back on. You’ll be breathing in the scent of what you just ate. So, pack some mints to save your nose.

In case you forget, I have seen Disney mints in the stores. I’ve always found them at The Emporium on Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom and at World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Sure, they’ll have inflated prices, so remember to buy some before you go. If you’re not a fan of mints and dig gum better, you’ll definitely want to buy some before you go – WDW doesn’t sell gum anywhere on property.

Also, a huge thanks to WDW Food Blog for this tip!


things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2020: snacks

I love buying snacks at Disney World, don’t get me wrong. But, this year, I’m planning on buying pre-wrapped snacks ahead of time to eat so I have one less place to come into contact with.

Additionally, it’s more affordable to bring your own and Disney World has no complaints with it. To be honest, they have no complaints with bringing in meals as long as they’re in proper containers.

Here’s the Disney World park bag policy for coolers and food in Disney World along with other park rules.

Pro Tip:

In a nutshell, coolers or backpacks larger than 24 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 18 inches high are not permitted. 

What are the additional things to buy for your Disney park bag in 2022? Please let me know in the comment section below!

And a Bonus Item that You May Not Have Thought of…

cotton swabs in disney park bag

Cotton swabs. 

Okay, hear me out. I was recently at my local post office and they had a glass of cotton swabs near its credit card machine. For the past few months, I have been cringing every time I put my pin code into any cc machine because of, well, you know.

But using a cotton swab to punch in the numbers is brilliant! I don’t have to touch the keypad at all and can pitch the swab in the nearest garbage can.

And, so I’m not wasteful, I cut mine if half so I get two uses from each swab. 

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