The 4 Best Instagram Walls in Toy Story Land

Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land

As a gal that loves a great photo backdrop, heading to Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a media preview this week gave me new inspiration compliments of all of the fun photo opportunities. And it’s exactly what I hoped it would be: whimsical, colorful, and downright fun – and that includes places to snag photos. Here are the four best Instagram walls in Toy Story Land and what’s making them so popular!

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Each Walt Disney World theme park has its own popular walls in the Instagram world. There’s The Purple Wall in Magic Kingdom. You’ve got the Mickey Mouse wall in Animal Kingdom. And we can’t discount the Bubblegum Wall in Epcot. But when it comes to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are some new Instagram worthy walls, partner! Get your makeup and outfit ready…

Instagram worthy walls in Toy Story Land - Andy's Wall

1. Andy’s Wall

Andy’s Wall in Toy Story Land is just about as far in the back as you can get. Head past Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucer. Keep walking until you see the bathrooms on the left and walk straight. You’ll see a short wall with Andy’s drawings on it – that’s exactly what you’re looking for.


As far as the perfect place at Andy’s Wall to take a photo, you’ve got plenty of cute drawings (and Andy’s name!) to capture.

Instagram worthy walls in Toy Story Land
The Block Wall in Toy Story Land

2. The Block Wall

The bright, primary colors that are dominant throughout Toy Story Land will really catch your eye, but unless you need to use the restroom you may not have seen this fun wall – the Block Wall.

The Block Wall is in between the men’s and women’s bathroom on the left side as you’re walking toward the back of Toy Story Land. What’s really impressive is the texture – it looks like giant wooden blocks!

For the next two, you’re going to have to do a little work as they’re not easily seen in TSL.

Instagram worthy walls in Toy Story Land - The Popsicle Stick Wall

3. Popsicle Stick Wall

The Popsicle Stick Wall, or Popsicle Wall, is a bit covert. It actually took two Toy Story Land castmembers to direct me as the area is so new!

You’ve got two options to find the Popsicle Stick Wall: when you’re exiting at the new exit in Toy Story Mania, you’ll see it as you’re walking on the right side. Or, inside Toy Story Land, head down the exit queue (it’s past the new entrance. If you’re walking towards Andy’s Wall it will be on your left side) and keep walking until you see it.

The Popsicle Stick Wall is probably my favorite of all the Instagram worthy walls in Toy Story Land as the muted colors make for a pretty backdrop. The light-colored paint will work in bright or not-so-bright light, too.

Instagram worthy walls in Toy Story Land - The Checkerboard Wall

4. Checkerboard Wall

Once you’ve found the Popsicle Stick Wall, the Checkers Wall is easy to find: all you have to do is turn around! If you’re uncertain, look for the giant black and red checkers stacked up in the new Toy Story Mania exit queue.

Which wall in Toy Story Land is your fave? Please let me know in the comment section below!

Just in case you need it, here’s the link to the official Disney’s Hollywood Studios map

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  1. CashLady

    My children have been asking about Toy Story Land for weeks and I had no clue what it was – I think they saw it on YouTube. It looks like a bigger better version of the one at Disneyland Paris, which is where we will be going very soon. Will see if they have any InstaWalls like these!

  2. Issie

    Hi Karyn. That’s amazing land for kids! but I think it’s amazing for adult as well. I really love amusement park such Disneyland. Those are so attractive WALLS IN TOY STORY LAND. I’m planing to visit amusement park as well may be Disneyland Japan or Hong Kong.

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