11 Things NOT to Do at Walt Disney World

Donald Duck Statue at Magic Kingdom things not to pack for Walt Disney World

A first trip to Walt Disney World is certainly overwhelming even for those that have spent hours researching and narrowing down details. I know I was guilty of reading hundreds of articles about what to do, where to stay, and what to eat before my first visit. But, there are easy ways to keep your sanity and still have an amazing vacation. and while this post is filled with double negatives (to avoid you from having a negative vacation!), from your head to your toes, here’s things NOT to do at Walt Disney World.

Wishes Magic Kingdom

Don’t Not See a Fireworks Show at Least Once

Where we live in the Midwest, the only chance we have to see fireworks is during a patriotic holiday. Walt Disney World offers nightly fireworks shows in three of its four theme parks nightly, so why not take advantage of it? Plus, there’s something about fireworks that brings out the kid in all of us. Here’s where you can find Walt Disney World fireworks shows:

Magic Kingdom: Through May 11, 2017, you can still catch “Wishes Nighttime Spectacular”. Beginning May 12, 2017, a brand new show, “Happily Ever After” will make its debut. find a spot on Main Street U.S.A. or in Front of Cinderella Castle for the best view.

Epcot: Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is the laser/fireworks show to see. Head to World Showcase and grab a spot around World Showcase Lagoon.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks is ideal for fans of the Star Wars movies. The best viewing spot is in front of The Great Movie Ride.

my disney experience app

Don’t Not Take Advantage of the My Disney Experience App

The My Disney Experience app for smartphones will give you the scoop on attraction wait times, shows and parades and character meet and greets and park hours. It will allow you to select FastPass+ experiences without having to hit a FP+ kiosk in the parks, score dining reservations, and even show you your Memory Maker photos. Charge your phone at night and carry a charging cord with you in the parks – they offer complimentary charging stations. 

Grand Floridian Room Walt Disney World

Don’t Not Get Enough Sleep

We know what time it is in the WDW parks by the meltdowns alone. Keeping yourself and your kids up way too late and waking up super early day after day will take its toll on even the most passive of folks. Make sure to get enough sleep every night so you’ll have a fresh attitude every day.

Woody at All-Star Movies Resort

Don’t Not Take Afternoon Breaks

If it’s your first time visiting Walt Disney World you’ll undoubtedly want to see as much as possible in your waking hours. But not resting at some point during the day will wear you and the kids down. If you’re staying on property, head back to the resort mid-afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day (and the highest crowd levels!), take a nap or a swim to cool off, and then head back to the parks refreshed and ready to go. Not interested in leaving the parks? Grab a seat on a bench or in a shady spot for a while and watch a show or parade.

WDW for First timers Transportation Monorail first Walt Disney World Trip

Don’t Not Take Advantage of Free WDW Transportation

From the moment you hit the Orlando airport you should take advantage of all of the free transportation WDW offers. Take Disney’s Magical Express to your resort to check in, and take the motorcoaches, boats, and monorail during your visit. Driving in? Park the car and let Disney do the work. 

Don’t Bring in Weapons or Liquor

I know, this is so obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many things get confiscated at the theme park security queues everyday. WDW checks all bags (no matter how small) and will confiscate everything from selfie sticks to weapons to liquor. We’ve seen it happen. If you’re unsure what you can or cannot bring, WDW has a complete list of restricted personal items.

From what not to bring in the parks to staying safe and healthy, here's the top things NOT to do at Walt Disney World.

Don’t Not Wear Sunscreen

The last thing you want for you and your traveling party is to end up with vicious sunburns during your vacation. If you’re from a cooler climate, that Central Florida sun can bake your skin in a hot minute, so please remember to apply- and keep reapplying it for your entire vacation. 

Don’t Not Keep Hydrated

Again, the hot, humid Central Florida climate will suck the moisture out of you. Add in walking for miles in the parks each day and you’ve got the perfect mixture for wearing yourself out and down. You can ask for free cups of ice and water wherever fountain drinks are sold so there’s no excuse for staying hydrated.

Rope Drop at Magic Kingdom

Don’t Not Wear Comfortable Shoes

Mr. Locke likes to keep track of how many miles we walk in the WDW theme parks on each visit and we easily rack up at least seven miles everyday. By the end of our week-long trip our feet are thanking us for the car ride back home to give them a break, but wearing super comfortable shoes in the parks helps a ton. If you want to wear new shoes on our visit, please break them in before you go.

End up with blisters? Head to one of the First Aid Centers at each of the theme parks.

Don’t Forget that Castmembers Are There to Help

Not sure when a show begins? Ask a castmember. Need to know where the closest bathroom is? Ask a castmember. Castmembers are in the parks and resorts to help you make the best of your vacation so, if they don’t know the answer to your question, they’ll radio someone who will.

Don’t Not Forget to Take it All In

It’s so easy to keep your proverbial eye on the prize (aka rides, attractions, dining) and not step back and take it all in. At least once every day while we’re on vacation, we stop and just look around. Those are the moments that I remember so fondly and will never forget.

Do you have a tip on what not to do at Walt Disney World? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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