Making Mealtime Easy with Ling Ling Fried Rice

Ling Ling Bibimbap Beef Fried Rice

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Ling Ling Bibimbap Beef Fried Rice

This week I’ve been dealing with the dreaded “vacation hangover”. Do you know that feeling: so many things to do but all you want to be is back on vacation? This week, between cleaning the entire house to putting away the Halloween decorations, I’ve barely had time to sleep let alone think about dinner. So, it’s Ling Ling Frozen Asian Entrees to the rescue! Here’s my latest (and easiest) dinner fave and why you need to try it for yourself.

We all have days where we look at the clock and think, “It can’t be five o’clock already! What am I gonna do for dinner?” Lately for my crazy busy traveling schedule, it’s becoming more frequent. Sure, Mr. Locke steps up to the proverbial dinner plate a lot to help me out, but sometimes he’s got a super busy schedule, too. So, it’s to the freezer I head to look for dinner ingredients.

I’m not sugar coating how much I adore Ling Ling Frozen Entrees, I promise. With so many varieties to choose from, it’s easy to customize dinner to suit everyone. Here’s the scoop on Ling Ling Bibimbap Beef Fried Rice and why it easily passes the taste test for this family.

Ling Ling Bibimbap Beef Fried Rice

Putting Ling Ling Bibimbap Beef Fried Rice to the Test

There’s frozen fried rice and then there’s frozen fried rice. And then there’s Ling Ling Fried Rice varieties. I’m not kidding, it’s undoubtedly the best tasting frozen fried rice I’ve ever eaten.

And, while it’s delish on its own, I like to add an extra side dish for my hungry family. So here’s what I do: I like to pair the fried rice with a soup or hearty veggie salad. I like a ton of crunch, so our salad bowls are filled with lettuces, green peppers, carrots, and cucumber.

As for the salad dressing? It’s a simple sesame oil recipe: minced garlic, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, toasted sesame seeds, and sesame oil. Whisk together and it’s a great compliment to the fried rice flavors. Or even quicker, grab a bottle of Asian dressing off the Walmart shelf and save yourself even more time.

Ling Ling Bibimbap Beef Fried Rice

The Fried Rice Entrees are really easy to make as well – everything you need is in the box apart from the oil used for frying. I love all of the crunchy bits once it’s finished frying in our skillet and really love the veggies and pieces of tender beef. There’s also a tiny kick of spice and heat that satisfies Mr. Locke!

Where to Find Ling Ling Frozen Asian Entrees

Where to find Ling Ling Frozen Asian Entrees at Walmart

Ling Ling has five unique Fried Rice dishes (just in case beef isn’t your bag), each based on authentic Asian inspired recipes from Japan, China, Korea and Thailand.

  • Yakitori Chicken
  • Yakiniku Beef
  • Thai-Style Chicken
  • Chinese-Style Vegetable
  • Bibimbap Beef

You can bet I’ll be trying all of them (check out my review of Yakitori Chicken). No kidding. The company uses an “Infusion Cooking Method”. Translation? Each noodle or rice grain is infused with Ling Ling signature sauces.

You can also find:

  • Two Noodle varieties: Chicken Yakisoba, Drunken Noodles with Chicken
  • Two Dumpling varieties: Chicken Dumplings in Chili Sauce and Pork Dumplings in Chili Sauce

Make sure to check the Ling Ling store locator for the varieties near you. At this time, mine is selling all of the Frozen Fried Rice styles.

Yeah. All natural, too. So, on those days that I’m too busy to even think about dinner, Ling Ling entrees are a great alternative. I found that the Bibimbap Beef Fried Rice tastes so similar to the fried rice we get at our local Chinese food restaurant that it’s really hard to tell the difference.

Bonus: head to the official Ling Ling website, and you can score a coupon for $2 off any Ling Ling Fried Rice, Noodles, or Dumplings.

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  1. Ling ling seems delicious and very fast and simple to cook for a lazy day! The Teriyaki beef, I must try! And the Dumplings!!!

  2. My family loves fried rice. This would be perfect to make for my family this weekend.

  3. Yum, I love this! We have if often for dinner and everyone gobbles it right up.

  4. Yum, it looks and sounds delicious it! I love the fact that it’s all natural too.

    Lennae xxx

  5. Akamatra

    I love yakisoma chicken so much! I need to find a way to make it one of these days.

  6. Joy

    Oh, now I need to go grocery shopping so I can try out Ling Ling! Thanks so much for shining the spotlight on what is clearly super delicious food. Great post! I enjoyed reading it.

  7. CourtneyLynne

    I love Ling Ling!!! They make a beef fried rice that I’m totally obsessed with. So yummy

  8. I have tried making fried rice and never has a great taste so this looks like it might solve the problem. I’ll check this out the next grocery run.

  9. Aine

    We don’t have that brand here, but I love fried rice – such a handy dish to use up any leftovers too. This looks tasty though

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