Cheesy Pierogy Pizza Recipe: A Taste of Pittsburgh

Easy Cheesy Pierogi Pizza Recipe

When it comes to Pittsburgh, it knows pierogy. And, no matter how you spell it (pierogy, pierogi, or pirogi),  you don’t need to look hard to still find city churches selling homemade pierogy during Lent. While the traditional style is pan-fried with butter and onions, it’s always fun to put a spin on the classic recipe. Taking a cue from one of our favorite Pittsburgh restaurants, it has a delicious pierogy pizza that is a top seller. So why not make a version that’s a breeze to whip up at…

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Niagara Falls Attractions: Is a Clifton Hill Fun Pass Worth it?

Clifton Hill Fun Pass: The niagara Skywheel and a view of the Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls.

I’ve been visiting Niagara Falls, Canada for as long as I can remember. And, since I can remember, it was always Clifton Hill that I wanted to spend my time. I’m also well aware of how much the attractions cost and I plan for it accordingly. But, can you actually get your money’s worth when visiting Clifton Hill? Here’s the scoop on the Clifton Hill Fun Pass, what’s included, and if it’s worth it. Clifton Hill Fun Pass: What’s Included? On a recent visit, six attractions were included in the…

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Hotel Kilbourne Sandusky: A Boutique Hotel Review

Hotel Kilbourne Sandusky Luxury King Room.

Have you ever taken a trip for the sole purpose of staying at a hotel? A recent visit to Hotel Kilbourne Sandusky was the reason for a quick trip to Lake Erie. The hotel offered so much more than a place to rest our heads for the night. Here’s the scoop on what we loved and what you can expect when you visit. Road trips have become a way of life for my family. Whether it’s a two-week long jaunt down the East Coast or a quick, overnight stay, packing…

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You Keg, I Keg, We All Keg for uKeg? A uKeg Review of the Craft Brew Kind

uKeg by Growlerwerks review: Worth the cash or a pass?

When it comes to craft brews, my husband is a connoisseur to put it mildly. On our road trips, he was always concerned about how to bring home craft brews on tap without them spilling or going flat. Enter the uKeg. It’s the first of its kind that keeps brew bubbles exactly how they need to be. And who better to explain his newfound love than Mr. Locke himself. Here’s the scoop and a uKeg review and how it’s making his craft brew drinking all for the better. – Karyn…

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What to Buy at the Dollar Store for a Disney Vacation

What to buy at the Dollar Store for your Disney vacation: Disney bubbles

It’s no secret that visiting Walt Disney World can be expensive. Combine the cost of resort rooms, tickets, and dining and it’s no wonder that many folks save for years for their trip. But what if you can save money before you leave for your vacation by packing smartly? With these items usually found at Dollar Tree you’ll be able to save money before you even scan your Magicbands. Here’s what to buy at the Dollar Store for a Disney vacation: 10 must-buy things. Sure, I’ve been guilty of buying…

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6 Reasons to Love the Dublin, Ohio St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Slainte! Here's five reasons why we love the Dublin, Ohio St. Patrick's Day Celebration.

Have you heard of Dublin, Ohio? About 20 minutes northwest of Columbus, Ohio, the city revels in its Irish roots. For St. Patrick’s Day, the revelry is even more amped up. We headed to the city to check out what goes on and what’s new in town and it turns out here’s a whole lot. From food to a fun boozy trail, here are six reasons to love the Dublin, Ohio St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. Yes, we did visit Dublin, Ohio, a couple of years ago. Yes, it was a…

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Where to Take Cool Disney World Photos: 5 Top Spots at Each Park

Yep, taking photos at Walt Disney World is a must. Honestly, I’ve got thousands of WDW photos stored on my computers, each of which I’m unable to delete because of sentimental reasons. However, there are must-visit locations in the parks that you really have to stop and get a photo of yourself  and your family. And whether you’re like I am and want them to occasionally look through, love adding them to your social media accounts, or want to have them framed, these spots beg for photos. Here’s where to…

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Pro Football Hall of Fame Insider’s Tour: Worth it or Not?

Pro Football Hall of Fame Insider's Tour Outside logo

If you’re a passionate football fan, a visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a must. Honestly, with the changing displays it’s worth visiting more than once. But what if you really want to dig in to the Hall? Is a Pro Football Hall of Fame Insider’s Tour worth it or not? Here’s the scoop on Hall of Fame tours, cost, and what you can expect to help you decide. Last weekend, I drove my family to Canton, Ohio, to check out the Pro Football Hall of Fame.…

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4 Fashion Brands You Need to Know for Spring 2018

fashion brands you need to know for Spring 2018

From the time I learned about fashion as a little girl, I was hooked. I remember playing dress-up in my mother nightgowns and trying on her fancy heels thinking, “I can’t wait to fit into these!” Fast track to my teen years when I read every fashion magazine I could get my hands on. I instantly feel in love with the latest styles. To this day, I feel like that little girl that couldn’t wait to try out new clothes and beauty products. This spring, I’ve fallen in love with…

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Creamy Apple Slaw Alaska Cod Fish Tacos Recipe: Air Fryer Easy

Creamy Apple Slaw Alaska Cod Fish Tacos Recipe air fryer recipe

This post was sponsored by Alaska Seafood as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.     #AskForAlaska When I was young and my mother was still with us, “fish on Fridays” was a common phrase in my home. She’d chat about how it was her family’s tradition, not just during Lent, but all year. And you know what? I loved hearing about my extended family’s traditions. Most of them were way older than I was, so her tales gave…

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