Magic Kingdom Photo Scavenger Hunt: Printable with 100+ Items

Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom

I love taking photos in Magic Kingdom. Truth be told, sometimes we’ll take the DSLR and spend an entire day snapping photos to add to our collection. So it occurred to me that it would be fun to create a printable Magic Kingdom photo scavenger hunt checklist for our upcoming visits. Even better? I created one that anyone can use. The categories are based on characters, iconic spots, and locations in the park. And for those of you that want a challenge, there’s two categories that will be right up your alley. Here’s our printable Magic Kingdom Photo Scavenger Hunt with over 100 items!

Magic Kingdom entrance

Printable Magic Kingdom Photo Scavenger Hunt

Making a Magic Kingdom photo scavenger hunt checklist was not only fun, but encouraging. The Kid and I had to put on our thinking caps and highlight the icons and characters in the park. And, it also let us think about the really challenging things we’ve found over the years. A lover of all things Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, she’s found two Oswalds in the park – and we’re hoping you find them, too! My favorite Hidden Mickey is also on the list and it’s obscurity is one of the reasons we make sure to ride “Journey Under the Sea” in New Fantasyland.

magic kingdom printable photo scavenger hunt

Click here to print your Magic Kingdom Photo Scavenger Hunt Checklist

It’s super easy to print. And, there’s two options: either click on the checklist or use the link above to save and print at your convenience. Remember, take a pen with you to cross out what you’ve already photographed. If you do find the challenging photo recommendations, please let me know in the comment section below. Or, if you need a hint, feel free to shoot me an email. I’ll give you the exact location!

Ready to hunt through Magic Kingdom with your camera? Here's a printable Magic Kingdom Photo Scavenger Hunt checklist with 100+ items!

I hope you find this printable photo scavenger hunt list as much fun to use as it was to make. Happy hunting!

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  2. Whitney Whitworth

    So I can’t find the Oswald in Adventureland. I found the one in fantasy land lol.

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