The Coolest Hidden Mickey at Walt Disney World You’re Missing

Hidden Mickey Magic Kingdom Steamboat Willie

My family loves searching for Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World and we’re not alone! Heck, you can purchase books on how and where to find them, find printable lists on Pinterest, and spend hours hunting in the parks. With this knowledge comes the discovery of a Hidden mickey that’s so cool it can’t be kept a secret. And it’s this same Mickey that you’ve probably walked by and never noticed because it’s so obscure. No longer, my friends. This is our favorite Hidden Mickey at Walt Disney World and I had to share with you the salute to Steamboat Willie!

Where to Find the Coolest Hidden Mickey

I have to admit, we’ve walked by it dozens of times before a Disney Youth Education Series castmember pointed it out to us. It’s located beside the exit queue of the Journey of the Little Mermaid attraction in the New Fantasyland area of Magic Kingdom. The best part? You’ve got to get down to child level to really see it. It’s also not just a Mickey head, it’s a full on Mickey Mouse head, body – you name it!

Hidden Mickey Magic Kingdom Steamboat Willie

Can you see it?

Hidden Mickey Magic Kingdom Steamboat Willie


Hidden Mickey Magic Kingdom Steamboat Willie

How about now?

Hidden Mickeys Steamboat Willie in Magic Kingdom

Here’s a side by side for comparison. When you see it in person, move your head around until you get the full picture. You’ll be able to see the wheel, his hat, and the rest of the details.


Love searching for Hidden Mickeys at Disney World? Here's the coolest one, where to find, it, and what to look for!

Have you found this Hidden Mickey gem at WDW? Let me know in the comment section below!


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7 Thoughts to “The Coolest Hidden Mickey at Walt Disney World You’re Missing”

  1. Peggy

    This might not be news to you but also at the Ariel ride is a hidden Nautilus. A Tribute to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride. Its located down low also as you are in line to go into the ride. Just before you enter under the rocks, look for it down by the waterline.

    1. Vex Maryn

      That is news to us! Thank you so much for the tip – will look for it on our return visit in October!

  2. Jessica

    So cool! Now I see it, thank for sharing.

  3. Martha

    We are also going in October and will be sure to check this out!

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  5. Anonymous

    Omg wow thanks so so much i love to find things like this and being a teenage mom is tough and i realized that finding pictures in things around me helps relieve stress.

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