6 Reasons You Didn’t Know You Needed Jetty Renters Insurance

6 Reasons You Didn't Know You Needed Jetty Renters Insurance Apartment exterior

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As a gal that’s had her fair share of purchasing renters insurance in my younger years (and before we were homeowners), I never really checked into the different types and what each had to offer. Honestly, I simply checked with my auto insurance carrier and took its word for truth. Of course, this was before the age of internet and when my cellular phone came in a giant leather case and plugged into my car’s cigarette outlet! Nowadays, there’s plenty of renters insurance styles and coverage and it’s as easy as knowing the facts and what type of coverage you’re looking for.

6 Reasons You Didn't Know You Needed Jetty Renters Insurance Interior apartment flowers

Arming yourself with knowledge about what you need in regards to renters insurance will give you the right tool to feel confident in your selection – or help you to realize that you’ve been doing renters insurance all wrong. Here’s six reasons you didn’t know you needed Jetty renters insurance – or need to change yours.

A Security Deposit Is the Worst Investment You Can Ever Make When Renting

There’s no way to get out of a security deposit these days when renting an apartment. It’s a way to make sure that, to be blunt, no one gets screwed over. It’s also an easy way for apartment building owners to get some extra cash out of their renters up front. But did you know that a security deposit is actually a bad investment? It’s true.

There is a way to avoid the hundreds of dollars required for a security deposit if you’re smart about it. Jetty, a company that was created with renters in mind, can help you meet the requirements. With a Passport Deposit (the hip name for its security deposit replacement product), they’ll help you manage a deposit on the apartment of your dreams with a security deposit bond. Here’s the scoop:  Jetty charges a one time nonrefundable fee of 18% to get you set up and covered. It then pays the rest of your deposit to your landlord but you’ll still be responsible for damages that may incur during your rental time. What it doesn’t give you is the right to act foolishly so no trashing, dig?

It Will Help You in Sticky Travel Situations

Did you know that you can have a back-up security plan in case you need it should the worst happen while traveling? Yep. Choose the right renters insurance and you can have peace of mind when you’re 1,000 miles from home or in your bathroom.

Jetty Perks

Regardless of your deductible, Jetty’s got some really beneficial perks that are included in each Jetty Passport at no extra cost. Want to become an AirBnB host but are concerned that your haven will be trashed? Jetty offers AirBnB Host Protection for an extra charge in addition to your policy. Grossed out about bed bugs (aren’t we all?)? Jetty Renters Insurance policies include Bed Bug Protection baked in to your policy. And, while thinking of each of these may be the farthest thing from your mind, if/when they should happen they’ll be the only thing on your mind compliments of the cash you’ll have to dish out.

6 Reasons You Didn't Know You Needed Jetty Renters Insurance apartment keys

An Adjustable Premium Based on Exactly What You Need

Jetty has adjustable premiums. They’ll work with you to make sure you have exactly what you need with the price you can afford. Refreshing, right?

Need to add renters insurance on an expensive item? No problem. Your premium price will adjust accordingly and you can test drive your payment beforehand with the Jetty Quote Generator. Best part? Updates can be made at any time once a policy goes live.

Think you don't need renters insurance? Think again. From help with co-signing to help with a security deposit, here's six reasons why you need to consider Jetty Renters Insurance.

You Never Need to Talk to a Human with Jetty Renters Insurance Unless That’s Your Thing

Me? I love talking to actual folks when making important decisions. Mr. Locke? He’d rather hammer a nail through his thumb than talk to a live person on the phone. Another cool feature is that the website is super user friendly and is optimized for folks that are like my husband. You can get an insurance quote and pay for premiums and features. You can also change your insurance level without ever talking to anyone. Or you can chat with a rep. It’s your call. Or not.

Need Co-Sign Help? Jetty’s Your Man.

Let’s say that Mom, Dad, or even Big Bro can’t help you out with your dream apartment when it comes to co-signing. Jetty will step up to the plate and be your guarantor with its Passport Lease. While it will cost you around 5-10% extra per year, it will get you into that haven on the 30th floor if that’s what you dig.

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31 Thoughts to “6 Reasons You Didn’t Know You Needed Jetty Renters Insurance”

  1. Robin Rue

    My husband owns a rental property with my brother in law (it’s a triple decker) and they require a security deposit. I think they recommend renters insurance to all of their tenants, too. It’s a smart move to get it.

    1. Karyn Locke

      Nice! I agree, the investment is definitely worth the peace of mind.

  2. We’ve owned our home for so long that I had no idea about renter’s insurance. Jetty seems like a great way to go when looking for renters insurance. I like that they have a user-friendly website.

    1. Karyn Locke

      Before we owned our home, I did purchase renters insurance on our personal items. It made me feel safer, but it was a one stop shop type of insurance. I love how Jetty insurance will work with you to make sure you have the proper policy.

  3. I hope Insurance company here also get to develop a renters insurance. Security deposits is nearly impossible to collect and I’ve experienced previous owners who would charge you for the tiniest of reason.

    1. Karyn Locke

      Fingers crossed for you!

  4. These are awesome perks with Jetty! I remember going from renter’s insurance to homeowner’s insurance. It was quite a shock with the price! Jetty really looks like they’ve got a lot more to offer than most. The travel insurance perk would be amazing.

  5. I have never heard of Jetty before but it sounds like a wise thing to do if you plan to rent! I think the bed bug protection is a really great idea too!

    1. Karyn Locke

      It really is! If you ever need any more information, please feel free to click on the Jetty links and see if it’s right for you!

  6. Mary Moore

    Oh man, that co-signer deal could have really helped me out when I was getting started. Seriously, finding someone willing to do it is the worst part. Thanks for the info here!

    1. Karyn Locke

      I totally agree. Especially when you’re starting out, finding a co-signer that is willing to pay if necessary is tough. It’s my pleasure – and thanks for stopping by!

      1. Rosalyn

        Where can i find more information on this perk, co-signing? Thanks!

        1. Karyn Locke

          Hi Rosalyn! Feel free to click on any of the Jetty links – they head straight to its website for more information!

  7. If home owners need insurance, I am sure renters need one too. It’s great that you put this out here so others would be aware.

  8. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Jetty Renters Insurance looks like it does have a lot to offer. I like that they step in when you need someone to co-sign for you. That’s awesome. I will let friends and family know about this.

    1. Hi Annemarie ???? This is Karen from Jetty. Thanks for sharing Jetty with your coworkers—we really appreciate it!

      If I can help answer any questions, let me know at help@jetty.com ????

  9. Our Family World

    This is the first time I heard about Jetty Renters Insurance and Jetty Passport. Looks like they do offer great services and to help you get settled in your new place. I will let my co-workers know about this. I know of some who are looking to rent out an apartment. They may want to check this out.

  10. Yes, I’ve been there too, not exploring other insurance options. I should really know more about Jetty Renters insurance.

  11. I am a great believer in having renters insurance and have had it for years. I hadn’t heard fo Jetty but will see if they’re in my area to get a quote next time I’m up for renewal.

    1. Karyn Locke

      So am I, although we now own a home. When we were renters I wanted all of my belongings protected!

  12. This will really help other people! I’m glad someone make this kind of opportunity to people who can’t have their own apartment!

    1. Hi all ???? This is Karen from Jetty. Thanks for the kind words! We appreciate your support.

      If I can help answer any questions, please reach out at help@jetty.com ????

  13. Wow! I never really paid much attention to that when I used to rent an apartment. I think this is something that people should really look into. It’s definitely going to help them out a lot.

  14. Rebecca Swenor

    Jetty renters insurance sounds amazing. I will have to check into this for sure. I love how you have the opinions to add what coverage you want with adjustable premiums. Thanks for sharing the information.

  15. Hi all ???? This is Karen from Jetty. Thanks for the kind words! We appreciate your support.

    If I can help answer any questions, please reach out at help@jetty.com ????

  16. Insurance is so important, even for renters. I can’t believe there are so many renters out there who haven’t purchased a plan to protect themselves.

  17. Neha Saini

    Will think about it, while shifting to a rented home.

  18. Nikka Shae

    Wow! I didn’t know that was an option for renters. Good information.

  19. I would love to get a jetty for a fun vacation. It makes sense that I would want to get insurance for it! That way I don’t have to worry about paying a bunch if I accidentally cause any damage to it.

  20. sanpi seth

    Hello!! I’am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.

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