Mother’s Day Gift Guide | Creative Ideas for Mom

Mother's Day gift guide: Creative ideas

Sure, flowers and candy are classics, but, when it comes to gifts, there’s something to be said about getting creative for Mother’s Day. And while I’m absolutely happy to simply be with my family, I know families love lavishing their Moms. So, instead of the norm, why not think out of the box? Here’s my Mother’s Day gift guide filled with creative gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day – no candy or flowers included!

Mother's Day gift guide: creative ideas

Heart-Felt Jewelry

I remember getting costume jewelry for holidays from The Kid. It’s these pieces that I truly cherish and keep tucked away. Depending on your budget, you can make something as simple as a DIY knotted or eraser bracelet to diamonds and gold.

Mother's Day gift guide: wine

Wine and a Song

If your mama loves wine, choose her favorite, tie a bow around it, and sing her a sing when you deliver it. Think “A Song for Mama” from Boyz II Men or, if mom likes to rock out, “Mother” from Danzig!

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A Whiter Smile

This one’s super creative! Who doesn’t want whiter teeth, right? And, while visits to the dentist will get them pearly white, I prefer to do it myself at home where I can multitask! My favorite is Smile Brilliant‘s customized kit.

How Much Is Teeth Whitening

Head on over to Smile Brilliant’s site and score $25 gift card off customizeable tray sets! If you’re ready to give Mom whiter teeth, here’s what you need to know before buying.

Mother's Day gift guide: art

Art from the Heart

My teen daughter has a limited budget so she loves painting me pictures for special occasions. I absolutely adore them and have them framed. Give the kiddos some paper, crayons, colored pencils, and paint and let them go to town.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

One of the best presents I ever received was a photo album filled with family photos from Mr. Locke. Why? He put so much time into picking just the right ones and it was perfect. Head to the store, grab a pretty photo album, and add family photos. It’ll be one of those gifts she’ll adore forever.

Mother's Day gift guide: bath

Alone Time

Think about this one. Sometimes all Mom wants is a bit of peace and quiet. When my daughter was little, even 15 minutes to myself was heaven. So, after you’ve told Mom how much you love her, give her some free time if that’s what she really needs.

Mother's Day gift guide: cupcakes and dessert

The Icing on Top

Head to the kitchen and whip Mom up a delicious dessert! It doesn’t have to be anything major, so think trifles, puddings, cupcakes, cookies. She’ll know you made it with love. Get super creative and make Mom a cupcake bouquet with only a handful of products. 

Mother's Day gift guide: makeovers

A Makeover

The folks at Sephora giving in-store beauty makeovers! Spend $50 or more in one purchase and you’ll score a free 45-minute makeover filled with tips on makeup and face products. The best deal: but Mom a $50 gift card, let her have her makeover, and then let her pick her new fave products to purchase. On a super tight budget? Let the kids give Mom a makeover using her own makeup. You’ll have timeless (and hopefully silly!) photos to giggle at forever.

How do I Love Thee? Let Me Write Down the Ways

Make Mom a flip-though mini-book that counts down the ways why she’s adored. Full tutorial for flip book here.  Have an extra deck of cards? Punch holes in the top of each and write a different on each card. Use binder rings to keep them secure.

Want to give Mom something creative and special this year for Mother's Day? Here's our favorite ways - no candy and flowers included!


What’s your favorite way to spoil Mom on Mother’s Day? Please let me know in the comment section below!

Consideration was provided by Smile Brilliant to make this Mother’s Day Gift Guide possible!


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