Four Reasons to Love At Home Teeth Whitening (and One Reason Not to!)

Things We Love January 2017 Smile Brilliant teeth Whitening kit

Truth? I’ve used several over-the-counter teeth whitening brands and have always ended up with “meh” results. They were either messy, inconvenient, or just didn’t work. It’s a lack of positive results like these that made me skip home teeth whitening for a while – until Smile Brilliant showed up at my doorstep. Looking for an at-home teeth whitening kit that really works? Here’s four reasons you need to give Smile Brilliant a go!

Smile Brilliant Dental trays

Disclosure: I was given a complimentary teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant to test drive and show my results to you fine folks. All opinions are my own!

I remember having super white teeth only a few years ago. Fast forward to now where coffee is the main staple of my breakfast and tea is a lovely, daily ritual. It wasn’t until I really began drinking these daily that I noticed my teeth weren’t as “Guy Smiley” as I’d like. You know, shiny and white but not too white where they just look odd?

Then there was the fact that I don’t adore the whitening strips. They make my teeth super sensitive and they’re just gross. I know I’m swallowing chemicals that I probably shouldn’t because I couldn’t help but. Enter Smile Brilliant, and at-home teeth whitening kit that’s the same as I would get in my dentist’s office. Score.

Smile Brilliant Before and after results

Customizable Trays

The reason many other teeth whitening kits don’t work is because they’re made to fit practically anyone with any type of teeth. Although there’s a benefit to those companies that the product is almost universal it ends there. The whitening gel can’t really get in there and do its magic.

Smile Brilliant customizable trays

With Smile Brilliant, I was able to customize my teeth whitening experience by creating trays that fit my teeth perfectly. The starter kit that I received contained everything I needed to make dental impressions (Don’t worry, they’re not as messy as you think!) and I sent them off in a prepaid shipping envelope. I was notified when they arrived at the center and when they trays were ready to go.

If you’re concerned you’ll make a mistake with your impressions, don’t be. I had to re-do mine and it was no biggie. The company sent me additional product to remake both the upper and lower impressions and a “How to” summary to make sure I got them right the second time.

If I had a concern with this step it would be this: I received an email letting me know that the first impressions weren’t usable and I was being sent additional product to try again. What I didn’t receive was the reason why they didn’t work. I really wish they had let me know what I did wrong so I knew what to do right for the next ones.

Whiten at Your Own Pace

Here’s what Smile Brilliant can give its customers that I adore: a customizable schedule. Starting at 20 minutes a session, I was able to build up to well over an hour without feeling uncomfortable. The trays are small enough that I didn’t feel gaggy and the gel didn’t ooze oot over them so I had no issues with a weird taste in my mouth or burning.

Smile Brilliant Dental trays with case

No Sensitivity After Whitening

Thinking back to when I whitened my teeth with strips, I clearly remember having tooth sensitivity for a few hours after I took them off. I also remember my gums feeling a bit raw which was a pain in the you-know-what. With Smile Brilliant, I had no tooth sensitivity compliments of the Desensitizing Gel that comes in the kit.

After whitening my teeth, I rinsed out the trays and dried them, adding a small layer of the desensitizing gel into the trays. I watched tele for 20 minutes while it worked its magic and, after rinsing both the trays and my teeth with room temp water, let the trays dry.

Great On the Go Option

If you following along with me on social media, you know I was just in Manhattan for a few nights. I was able to store both the trays (they come with a custom case) and extra whitening and desensitizing gels in my toiletry bag to use when I had down time at the hotel. Each doesn’t take up a ton of room in the bag and I set them right on the vanity so I wouldn’t forget. It’s recommended that you use them before bed (especially for sensitive teeth!) so it was easy peasy to hang out at the hotel and whiten away.

Smile Brilliant top and bottom trays

The Downside of Smile Brilliant?

There’s is one thing about whitening my teeth with Smile Brilliant that I didn’t expect – my facial muscles hurting from smiling more! Yep, if there’s a downside, this is it.

A Giveaway to Help You Whiten your Teeth at Home

Teeth Whitening

I love spreading the love, so I’ve teamed with Smile Brilliant for an awesome giveaway- a $75 e-gift card to get you going with your own teeth whitening kit! It’s super simple to enter, too: All you have to do is head on over to Instagram and follow both Smile Brilliant and me, tag two friends in the comment section, and you’re automatically entered! It’s super easy!

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Happy Monday! New Year, new me? You betcha – and that includes a whiter smile! I was looking back at some photos of myself and noticed that I hadn't been smiling in them compliments of how much I really didn't dig my teeth. Coffee and tea were the staining culprits, so thank heavens @smilebrilliant came to my rescue. My teeth are now way whiter and I'm ready to smile! Wanna see for yourself? Head on over to the blog (link in profile). And as an incentive to get your teeth whiter, I'm giving away a $75 gift card on the whitening kit of your choice and it's super easy to enter. All you have to do is make sure you're following both @smilebrilliant and @karynlocke on this post and tag two friends that you think would like to enter. Then head to to give your name and email in case you win! Good luck! #ad #smilefearlessly #whileiwhiten

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    Whitening remedies may also be effective and provide almost immediate final results. Numerous sufferers have found which producing the actual whitening visit just before large occasions is definitely an effective method to appear their own best.

    Whitening remedies may also be effective and provide almost immediate final results. Numerous sufferers have found which producing the actual whitening visit just before large occasions is definitely an effective method to appear their own best. All of us generally cope with sufferers prior to marriage ceremonies, graduations, family reunions, as well as other events.

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