New York Times Travel Show: New Bucket List Destinations for 2017

New Yourk Times Travel Show Indonesian Dancers

Our first visit to the New York Times Travel Show was a fun and exhausting one! Three days of chatting with visiting destinations, culinary demonstrations, and live performances gave us a new fervor for the city and new travel destinations that weren’t previously on our radar.

New Yourk Times Travel Show Henna art
Henna art from India. Photo Credit: Steven Locke


We love the Norway Pavilion at Epcot, don’t get us wrong, but having the chance to chat with representatives from the country is making Mr.  Locke chomp at the bit to visit. While the spring and summer months are preferable for both temperature and light, having the chance to explore the country any time of year would be so incredible.



When I was a child, when asked what country I’d love to visit most, my answer was always England. The friendly people, the amazing history (I’m obsessed with the English monarchy!), and a visit to the English countryside was my dream vacation. And, while I never got to experience as a child, after visiting the England booth at the travel show, that dream made a reappearance.

New Yourk Times Travel Show Puerto Rican Dancers
Dancers from Puerto Rico at NYTTS. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Puerto Rico

Nutshell? It’s a tropical island filled with delicious cuisine and residents that have a lust for life. Puerto Rico is so hot right now, and I’d love to make the quick trip from Southern Florida to get a personal taste of the Latin island feel.

Puerto Vallarta

In the mid-nineties, I visited Puerto Vallarta several times. Each time, I loved to walk along the Malecon, dine at el Set, and even pet a pelican. Yep, you read that right. I petted a pelican. they’re so sweet. I’ve told Mr. Locke about the beautiful scenery and beaches and he was so taken by the folks at the Puerto Vallarta booth that he wants to visit to see what I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.

New York Times Travel Show Drums
Beautifully-painted drums at NYTTS. Photo Credit: Steven Locke


The Catskills was such a classically beautiful area of the U.S. We’ve had the pleasure of visiting several other areas of New York including Niagara Falls, The Finger Lakes, and Buffalo, but the opportunity to check this family-friendly area off our travel bucket list would one ideal. The area has not a little bit, but a TON, of everything including waterfalls, farm to table dining, and spectacular lodging.


I had the privilege of working with the gang at Visit Jordan for TravelingMom and, I have to write, getting the opportunity to meet a few of them in person was brilliant. Seeing the photos and reading the travel stories from my peers was delightful, but meeting them and really getting a chance to see how friendly and kind they are makes me want to travel to Jordan to dive into its culture.

New York Times Travel Show Indonesian Traditional Dancer
A gorgeous Indonesian dancer at NYTTS. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Margaritaville Resorts

I have a feeling the popular Jimmy Buffet song is something this chain of hotels and resorts takes very seriously. With locations from Mississippi to Cayman Islands (and a new one coming to Orlando in a few months!), each is all about relaxing and unwinding. They’re places to kick off your sandals, grab a drink, and sit under a thatched roof or catch some sun.

New York Times Travel Show Indonesian Dancers
Traditional Indonesian Dancers at NYTTS. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Were you able to attend this year’s New York Times Travel Show? Which destination are you looking forward to most? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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