How to Get Lost Items Back at Disney World

Minnie Mouse toys at Mouse Gears

I never really considered how to get lost items back at Disney World until it happened to me –  even after careful consideration of all of my belongings. I stopped at City Hall on Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom to check on Fastpass+ selections and inadvertently left my MagicBand on the counter.  

I didn’t realize it until we were back at our resort room (we were headed out of the park at the time) and, if it hadn’t have been a special edition Haunted Mansion band I really wouldn’t have fretted about it, but it was my favorite and I wanted it back, plain and simple.

Sure, MagicBands are one of the top lost items but there are several other common items that get lost every day in the parks. Here’s top items you’ll lose at Walt Disney World (so you can keep an even better eye on them!) and how to get them back!

Items to Keep a Close Eye On

Magicband Panasonic Zs60

Thousands of items are misplaced every day at WDW, but these ones are at the top of the list:

  • Sunglasses
  • Hats and caps
  • MagicBands
  • Cell Phones
  • Cameras
  • Autograph Books
  • Strollers- Make yours stand out from the rest by adding a special sign or tying on colorful material!
  • Stuffed Animals and Plushies
  • Pins

Lost Items at Disney World: Timing Makes a Huge Difference in Where to Look

Disney Hollywood Studios

Immediately Lost- Depending on when you realize you’ve lost your item will depend on where you need to head first. If you know you’ve misplaced an item on an attraction immediately after you’ve visited, head straight to a Cast Member to let them know as they frequently scan all rides, attractions, and areas.

Once you’ve notified them, if you’re really adamant about getting it back quickly you can keep checking back for it.

Later in the Day- This happened to me. It was an hour or so after I left my MagicBand at City Hall when I realized I’d left it behind. Same day lost items are taken to each park’s Guest Relations for holding until the park closes.

Magic Kingdom

City Hall Lobby on Main Street U.S.A.


  • Innoventions East at Guest Relations Lobby 
  • Main entrance Guest Relations Window
  • Guest Relations Window at International Gateway Near Walkway to Beach and Yacht Club

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Guest Relations at Park entrance. There’s two bang next to each other.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Guest Relations at Park Entrance. There’s also a Guest Relations Window as well.

Disney Springs

Guest Relations at Disney Springs Welcome Center. Walk towards the center of the property and it’s located in Town Center.

Disney Transportation

If you lost an item while on a WDW boat, Monorail, or bus, misplaced items are sent directly to Lost and Found at Ticket and Transportation Center.

The Next Day

Monorail Ticket and Transportation Center

If you can’t retrieve your item the same day it was lost, your next step is to head to Walt Disney World Lost and Found at Ticket and Transportation Center. With as many items that are lost every day, I expected a massive building but, in all truthfulness, I’d walked by it a hundred times without realizing what it was.

A former pet kennel (there’s still signs of it inside!), the Lost and Found is located near the Monorail entrance to Magic Kingdom at Ticket and Transportation Center. This is where I had to head to get my HM MagicBand back.

Be prepared for giving a super detailed description, too. I always take photos of the underside of my MagicBands so I had as much information as they needed. Even with no one else in line ahead of me, it did take about 20-30 minutes. They had to sort through all of the lost things, after all.

When You Get Home

Cinderella Castle side view

This has happened to us as well, but a couple of months after we were home we realized The Kid may have lost her customized Jack Skellington Mickey ears. We called Lost and Found and had them check for them but they have a window in which they keep unclaimed items. Lost and Found direct dial number is (407) 824-4245.

Disney will keep items up to 90 days if they’re valuable. Common items will be kept for 30 days. A cool feature is if they do find your item, they can mail it straight to your house.

What you can expect to lose at Walt Disney World and how to get it back!

Have you ever lost an item at Disney? Do you have any tips on getting it back? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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11 Thoughts to “How to Get Lost Items Back at Disney World”

  1. One cool thing is that if you left something on an attraction that has Photopass, the CMs can look up your photo to see which specific ride vehicle you were on. At least that was the case when my dad left his hat on Dinosaur!

    1. Karyn Locke

      Wow, Becky, that’s such a great tip! I’m definitely putting the word out on that one. Thank you so much for sharing and please feel free to snoop around the site all you like!

  2. My cell phone fell out of my pocket once while riding Soarin. The Cast Members were amazing and searched for hours until they found it. They gave us 4 FastPasses to be used anywhere in the park for the time we lost.

    1. Karyn Locke

      Oh no! I think losing a cell phone has to be in the top two misplaced items at WDW. Don’t you love a little bit of pixie dust when you least expect it?

  3. Jessica

    I had lost a bag of 4 trading pins that I bought one day so I went back to the same kiosk I bought them at and picked up the exact same ones. Surprisingly the same worker was there and asked me why I was buying the same ones again. I explained that I must have lost the bag or set them down somewhere, and she just gave me the pins instead of charging me for them. I thought that was really nice

    1. Karyn Locke

      Yep, Disney castmembers love adding pixie dust to your day, don’t they? What a happy ending!

  4. Holly

    My clip-on sunglasses sing off being so tiny I thought they would never find them but I got lucky and they did also the same trip my daughter and son in law lost the cap for their lens on a camera and they found that also.

  5. Brooke

    My daughter lost her crown from Bibbity bibbity boutique. My father in law asked a cast member at our hotel where he could buy a new one. A few hours later a knock at our room door and a cast member hand delivered a brand new crown. My daughter was so excited.

    1. Karyn Locke

      Now, that is a pixie dust-filled tale! WDW castmembers love to go out of their way to give guests the best visit possible- and this tale only adds to it. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. […] backward. Don’t forget to ask the castmembers for help, either. It’s their jobs. So many items are misplaced on WDW property everyday – and here’s the scoop on how to get them […]

  7. Nicky

    On our first trip to Disney we went to Magic Kingdom and then decided to go across to Epcot were we realised our 8 year old had lost his hat. We approached a cast member who suggested we try the lost and found at MK we did this on the way to the car park. We gave a description of a blue baseball cap with Ben embroidered on the front but didn’t think we would find it. Imagine our surprise when the gentleman bought it out and said could this be it? We asked were it was found it was sitting on Walt’s bench in Main Street.

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