Disney MagicBands Questions Answered: How and When to Use Them

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With the constant changes at Walt Disney World lately,  it seems there’s always something new. But when it comes to Disney MagicBands, it’s all about how and when to use them. Here’s a list of top Disney MagicBands questions and answers to help you make the most of your new park accessory. 

MagicBands seem like a super simple concept. You put them on your wrist, they link your resort room, dining, and payment info. But there are so many questions around what to do with them and how they work. Here’s the scoop on Disney MagicBands and important questions. 

Can I Use Someone Else’s MagicBand?

Nope. Once a guest has linked a MagicBand to their account, it’s theirs forever. If you do try to use someone else’s, and get caught, you’ll be on the Disney bad apple list. So, don’t do it. 

Want the story on what else you shouldn’t do? Here are five things you should never do with Disney MagicBands

Where Can I Use Them?

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Entering the Walt Disney World Theme Parks: Scan your MagicBand, touch your finger to the scanner, and off you go. Unless there’s an issue then you’ll have to ask a castmember for help.

Resort Check-in: If you’ve received your MagicBand ahead of time (you can order them on the official website and, with enough time, WDW will ship them to your house free of charge with vacation packages), slap it on your wrist before you head to your on-property resort front desk and all they have to do is scan it to learn everything about your reservation. If yours has been left at the front desk due to time constraints, don’t forget to ask for them!

 Theme Park Parking Lots: If you’re an Annual Passholder or are staying on-property, all you have to do is have a castmember scan your band and there’ll be no charge for parking. That’s a savings of around $25 per visit.

Memory Maker Photopass Photographers: Remember those PhotoPass cards you’d receive for having your photo taken by a WDW photographer? I remember guarding them with my life for fear they’d get lost. Now, although you can still receive them, Photopass photographers can scan MagicBands and all your photos (and videos now!) can be viewed online or in the My Disney Experience app.

Guest Relations and Concierge Desks: You can have WDW Guest Relations castmembers scan your MagicBand to help answer any questions you may have about resort reservations, tickets, and dining.

More Disney MagicBand Uses

Guest Room Doors: No more key cards! MagicBands unlock all on-property guest room doors.

Disney’s Magical Express: Check in a the DME podium with your MagicBand and you’re good to board!

Interactive Games and Attractions: MagicBands may be used for free, interactive games including Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and A Pirate’s Adventure in Adventureland (both in Magic Kingdom).

Counter Service and Table Service Restaurants: If you have purchased a Disney Dining Plan, restaurant castmembers will scan your band to check for meal credits, allowances, and snack credits.

Disney’s Infinity Game: If the kids are still playing Disney infinity, adding a MagicBand will unlock special features.

Making/Adding/Changing FastPass+ Selections at Theme Park Kiosks: There’s a whole new set of rules for FastPass+, but you are able to head to an in-park kiosk and update, change, or add selections with the use of your MagicBand.

Paying for Meals & Purchases: By linking a credit card to your MagicBand you don’t have to worry about keeping cash in your pocket for meals and other purchases. Simply scan your Band, punch in your pin code, and you’re good.

Adding Personalization to Rides: Last April, my family noticed a ton of personalization on attractions including it’s a small world and Haunted Mansion. You can thank MagicBands and their short wave frequency for that.

Can I Get A MagicBand Without staying at a Disney Resort?

Absolutely, but you’ll have to pay for it. You can purchase them in the parks, at Disney Springs, and even on the ShopDisney.com website. At this point, there are the standard colors as well as special edition bands. 

How Long Do MagicBands Last?

The RFID chip lasts at least two years. 

Why Would I Want to Use a MagicBand? Are Disney MagicBands Worth It?

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Flexibility, for starters. Instead of having to carry around a resort room key and cash for meals and souvenirs you’ll only need a MagicBand if you choose. There’s also the fact that rides and attractions have personalized effects and screens so it’s fun to look for your name or where you’re from. Lastly, they’re super cute and come in several basic colors with plenty of opportunities to customize or purchased special edition options.

Are MagicBands worth it? Definitely. I don’t have to worry about taking cash or credit cards into the parks anymore. I also don’t have to worry about a resort room key or Photopass card, either. 

What Do I Do with Them After I Get Home?

A worthy question, actually. We save them for our next visits and pack them in our suitcases to use the next time we head to the parks. Or, you could get creative and start making a super cool Christmas garland.

Disney's MagicBand questions answered

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