18 Amazing Summer Products We Refuse to Live Without This Fall!

Summer 2016 Products We can't wait to use this autumn

When you spend 3/4 of every summer traveling and living out of a suitcase, you look for products to make your life easier both on the road and on those precious moments when you’re home. From tech to food to gaming and even simplifying our lives, here’s our favorite 18 summer products we refuse to live without this fall!

Making Our Lives Easier

We search out new products that will make our lives easier both on the road and off. These are our fave picks for all four seasons.


Oilogic Essential Oil Care– We discovered this awesome brand during BabyPaloooza at Blogger Bash NYC this summer and we can’t live without any of them- even though there’s no babies in this house! The strengths are made for wee ones to help with sinus issues, sleep, and itchy eyes, but we were told to simply use additional product to help us out. We’ve been taking them on the road and keep them on our nightstands and, man, they are “essential” to our lives now.

Key Keeper

Specialty Finders Key Purse®– Key Finders are one of those products that you didn’t know you needed until you have one- and then you never want to not have on again. The Key Finders (this one’s a cute dragonfly) attaches to your key ring and all you have to do is hang it on the inside of your purse so you never need to dig for your keys in the endless chasm that is always becomes when you’re in a hurry.

Little trees Car Freshener

Little Trees Automotive Fresheners– Remember those cute, little trees that used to hang from the family car’s rear view mirror when you were little? They’re back with a bang and now includes scents other than fresh pine (yay!), Vent Wraps, and Vent Clips. Kind of makes me want to start singing “Holiday Road”.

Fresh Wave Laundry Booster

Fresh Wave Laundry Booster-So many times we’re road tripping for a week or more at a time and our dirty laundry gets thrown in a bag in the trunk. When we get home and it’s time to clean those clothes- blech. Fresh Wave uses natural ingredients to clean and freshen our laundry- and it’s great for pet bedding and sports uniforms, too.

Natrapel Bug repellant

Natrapel 8 Hour Insect Repellant– Using harsh chemicals to repel insects is definitely not up our alley, so finding Natrapel was a blessing. It’s DEET-free and lasts for eight hours plus- and it’s main ingredient has been proven to work better. We’re happy to use this in fall when we head south and it’s still warm and muggy.


TUL® Writing Instruments– Super durable and made with high quality materials, its pens not only write beautifully but look super cool, too. They are exclusive to Office Depot and OfficeMax- way to step up the game, guys.

Eye Candy

I’m such a sucker for a pretty bag, fun packaging for makeup, and of course, jewelry. These three products make me smile and make me look even better.

Divoga Pencil Pouch

DiVOGA Pencil Pouch– Another fun line from OfficeMax and Office Depot, DiVOGA has unique designs in its pencil pouches, paper products, and writing instruments, but this pouch I’m using to store makeup in my purse and suitcase!

Failte Double Claddaugh Ring Solvara

Solvar Double Band Claddagh Ring- Coming from an Irish heritage on my mother’s side, I’ve always loved Claddagh rings. This one from Solvar is one of the prettiest I’ve seen for such a long time. Perfect for everyday, but still dressy enough to wear for special occasions, it’s made from silver and is super sturdy. I won’t be taking this one off for a long time.


Oh how we love trying out new travel tech and, even better, how we love putting our stamp of approval on it! We’ve got three for on the go and one to keep The Kid happy.

Waka Waka Base 10

Waka Waka Base 10– How about a portable 10-watt solar panel that can be placed in the rear view window and charge e-devices- all with the power of the sun?The Baee 10 model has four charging ports, comes with a waterproof case and two flashlights (one rechargable), and is small enough to keep in a front seat back pocket. Of course, you can totally use it when white water rafting, camping, hiking, tenting- anything outdoorsy.

VEX Robotics SnapShot


VEX Robotics SnapShot Launcher– Vex Robotics is a great way to get the kids away from their tech and tele and get them building and creating. The Kid recently built a VEX Robotic Arm and spent an entire day doing so- away from both! The SnapShot Launcher is fin to take out in the yard and send table tennis balls flying up to 20 feet.

Picture Keeper Connect

Picture Keeper Connect– I can’t count how many times I’ve run out of memory on my iPhone and this one solves the problem without having to run for my laptop. The Connect lets you save up to 16GB of photos and videos and you can either download them into your pc or laptop or restore all of your saved items back on to your phone. PERFECT for phone glitches or if you need to reset your iPhone.

GoBuddy+ Sync Cable bottle opener

GoBuddy+ Lightning Cable and Bottle Opener– Nothing like multi-use tech to make us do the happy dance! It’s a portable charge and sync cable that comes in super handy (clip it to your key chain or backpack) and the bottle opener come sin super handy for picnics, outdoor parties- you name it.

Foodie Finds

Finding awesome products that not only taste great but keep us on the healthy side and help Mother Earth? We can definitely get on board with these four!

Hills Bros Coffee Compostable Pods

Hills Bros. Compostable Single-Serve Coffee Pods– A total game changer for folks that hate the idea of all of those little plastic cups going into the local dump. These single-serve coffee pods are 100% compostable and have been proven to completely break down in commercial composting facilities- and the taste is so delicious. We can’t get enough of the 100% Columbian and Morning Roast varieties. 

Crispy Greens Crispy Fruit

Crispy Green Crispy Fruit– With a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a taste that’s, dare we write, better than its original form, Crispy Fruit had knocked our socks of this simmer! Varieties include tangerine (think cheesy poofs but sweeter), pineapple, and banana, its a product we can throw in our purse or backpack and enjoy on the go- if we can keep them around for long enough!

Boom Chika Pop Sweet and Salty

BoomChickaPop– 0 Grams Trans Fat, Cholesterol Free, Whole Grain, and Certified Gluten Free? Those four lack-of additions make us want to chuck our popcorn popper in the garbage and stick to buying the Sweet + Salty Kettle Corn variety. With seven other styles, I’m sure we’ll continue to dive into the bags year round.

Aketta Cricket Flour

Aketta Cricket Flour. Finding affordable and healthy sources of protein is on the horizon for the U.S., and Aketta is all about crickets as a source. The crickets are raised in Texas on an organic diet, roasted, and ground. The flour can be used in baking and cooking, and Mr. Locke has the courage to try an Aketta snack mix at Blogger Bash NYC while we visited. Verdict? Delicious!

Brio Ice Cream

Brio! Ice Cream-We had to resist the temptation to dive into every one of these Brio! Ice Cream flavors at once when they arrived because they looked so delicious, but now we’re rationing them because they are so delicious! They’re made with so much goodness (including whole organic milk and probiotics!) it only makes sense to indulge, right? Gluten allergy? The brand is certified Gluten free!


If you know Mr. Locke, you know he’s been a gamer since he could sit up. And, while he loves his online games, board gaming is where his true heart lies. Here’s three fun ones we can’t wait to try out when the weather gets chilly.

Escape the Room Where's Olaf Rollers

Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor– Based on the Escape Room interactive live games that are popping up all over, this one takes players back to 1869. For three or more players and ages 10 and up, the game encourages players to spend the evening solving the mystery of a well-respected astronomer gone missing.

Rollers– A dice-style game, it’s all about fast rolling, quick combo making, and collecting chips to get the high score. It’s great for 2-5 players and ages eight and up and is a fun, easy to learn game- perfect for family game night!

Where’s Olaf?– ok, I’ll admit, this one is for younger kids and families with younger kids, but I can’t help but adore the fact that it’s a Frozen-themed hide and seek style game and comes with a stuffed Olaf. We’re saving this one for the next time young ones come to visit. In the meantime, it’ll make a fine addition to our board game collection.

18 Summer products we refouse to live without this fall

Ok, we couldn’t help but add in an extra product or two (this summer has been fab for new products!) so we’re closer to 20 than 18- hope you’ll forgive us! What’s your fave summer product this season? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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