Happy Birthday, America and Super Easy Flag Craft

Cheerios flag

Today we celebrate America’s independence from Britain (with an easy flag craft) and it’s also the anniversary for the day that democracy was born. And it’s one of my favorite holidays! I love the four F’s that surrounds the Fourth of July: Fireworks, Family, Fun, & Food. Ahh, the food.

There’s nothing like a good barbecue. But, before that, there’s breakfast. Thinking back to when I was a kid, I never not remember eating cereal for breakfast. So let’s talk Cheerios™ for a sec. When I was super young there was only the one flavor- original. I’ll admit it, I used to sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar over the top after I added the milk to the bowl. Then, when I hit high school, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios™ hit the shelves and they were the cupboard staple. College? Those were the years when my favorite style came about: Frosted Cheerios.

Cheerios flag

After all of these years (and now with a teen daughter in the house) and a super busy lifestyle, most days we need to eat a breakfast that’s filling, healthier than say, eggs and bacon, and quick to make and enjoy- and that’s why boxes of Cheerios™ are still a staple in our pantry cupboard.

We all have our faves: I’m still a sucker for Frosted Cheerios™, Mr. Locke loves Apple Cinnamon Cheerios™, and The Kid? She goes for Honey Nut Cheerios™.

Last week we headed to WalMart to stock up and ended up coming home with three boxes. Have you checked out the Cheerios™ cereal shelves at WalMart lately? Wow, there are so many varieties and super easy to find. I’m going for Chocolate Cheerios™ next.

Easy Flag Craft with Cheerios

Cheerios flag

Standing in my kitchen the other morning, I looked that the three boxes still waiting to be put away in the pantry cupboard (I told you I’ve been a busy gal lately!) and I thought, I loved the three colors of the Cheerios™ boxes. It dawned on me that they would make the most perfect (and easiest!) craft using only the cereal and blue and white paper. AND- it will keep the kids entertained until the barbecue and fireworks start.

And here’s the rub: it can be as simple or as complex as you and the kids would like. I cut out a piece of blue felt for the upper left corner and added Frosted Cheerios™ for the stars, lined up Apple Cinnamon Cheerios™ and Frosted Cheerios™ for the stripes, stood back, and smiled. Best part? After they’re finished with their American Flag craft they can eat the Cheerios™ as a snack  as long as the Cheerios™ aren’t glued down.

Kids still looking for something to beat the boredom? You don’t have to stick to the American flag! Use Cheerios™ to create the Statue of Liberty, fireworks-whatever!

What are your plans for today? Let me know in the comment section below how you’re spending this Fourth of July!

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