Pay Binoculars at Niagara Falls

I have visited Niagara Falls, Canada, dozens of times in my life. In fact, I’ve been so many times that I couldn’t keep count.

But, no matter how many times I’ve visited, the view from the pay binoculars is still as I remember it. It’s one of those views that I never tire of. I’ve seen the Falls in every season and in 100 degree and 10 degree temps. Looking through these pay binoculars makes me feel like a kid again- and I love that feeling!

This past weekend, Mr. Locke and I took another trip to Niagara Falls and we walked along the same walkway that millions of visitors have walked to see that gorgeous view. We stopped and took photos just like the other tourists and I always love it when they ask if we’ll take their picture. They’re so happy just to be in that moment. We take silly pictures of the danger signs ( I know, they’re there for a reason. But they’re still funny.), love the fact that there’s always a breeze and the Horseshoe falls on the Canadian side always has mist to cool you off on hot, summer days.

And these pay binoculars capture moment by moment, drop of water by drop of water. They capture happiness. They capture beauty.

And they’ve always captured my heart.

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