Move over Beer Flights, Crooked Tongue Brewing Offers Mead and Wine Flights!

Taking a shuttle tour around Pittsburgh and vicinity is always a great time for Mr. Locke and me. We’ve experienced the fun on the PA Brew Tour a few months ago and had such a great time, so it was easy to say yes to a little “field research”. So, with several Pittsburgh Tours and More tour guides, we hopped on the shuttle and checked out five breweries both in Pittsburgh proper and North of the city.

We know that beer flights are common nowadays. Not only can you sample a brew pubs’ beer selection but the cost is very affordable. We made a pit stop at Crooked Tongue Brewing in Edinburg, PA and got ready for a beer flight and great apps including soft pretzels and pita with hummus. What I didn’t expect was the ability to create a mead and wine flight- a fun and unique take on tasting flights.

Mead is pretty prevalent in my area, happily, and local winery Cambridge Cellars in Cambridge Springs, PA, makes delicious mead. If you’ve never tried it, it tends to be on the sweet side (perfect for me) and the consistency is that of wine, but maybe a tad thicker. My two selections were Peach and Clover Honey flavors, and there’s no way I could choose a favorite.The remaining two flight spots went to Heritage Cellars and its specialty wines. The gorgeous berry-colored wine is the popular Dark Cherry Wine, and its Winter Pear rounded out the flight. Both were sweet and fruity, but if I had to choose a favorite of the two it would be the Winter Pear.

So, here’s the rub: don’t be afraid to ask if a brew pub offers unique flights. This one was not on the menu but they were more than happy to accommodate my sweet tooth.

Disclosure: Crooked tongue Brewing hosted my brew tour to give you fine folks the scoop on what makes the brewing so awesome. All opinions are my own!

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