Milkshake Deliciousness at Bill’s Bar & Burger in Pittsburgh

Remember when milkshakes used to be chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla? 

Sure, they’re definitely classic flavors and I’d never refuse one of any of those kinds, but I love that fact that there’s so much creativity and flavor melding nowadays. 

A recent visit to Bill’s Bar & Burger in the Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh (if you’ve never visited you really need to check out the Green Wall in the lobby) made Mr. Locke and I have two new milkshake flavor favorites: The Chocolate Peanut Butter Bomb and the Campfire. So rich and delicious that we didn’t need dessert, the milkshakes are worth visiting the property for alone. Check out that marshmallow on the top!

Bill’s Bar & Burger has been a favorite hangout to those that frequent the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. We had the opportunity to visit that location as well, and I’ll tell ya, they have amazing shakes as well. Want the scoop on our visit? Here it is. 

Happy Travels- and happy eating!

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