A Pittsburgh Bridge Like No Other (Except the Other 2 That Are Just Like It)

Pittsburgh Bridge - Roberto Clemente Bridge

A Pittsburgh Bridge Like No Other

It’s a double header. Unusual in this space perhaps, but there is a reason.

The picture above is the foot of the Roberto Clemente bridge, one of Three Sisters bridges that span the Allegheny River from Downtown (Dahntahn, in Pittsburgh-ese) to The North Side in Pittsburgh, PA (note: the bright lights in the background are from PNC Park).

This was taken during Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night, a city-wide celebration to kickoff the the seasonal festivities, replete with food, concerts, parties, holiday village in Market Square, and fireworks.  One of the concert stages for Light Up Night is set on the North end of this bridge.

 It is a truly unique setting in which to watch a fantastic concert with thousands of other Pittsburgh revelers. And all for free, at that!

After the headliner finished, the second round of fireworks was up next.

The picture above is of the 2nd of the Pittsburgh’s Three Sisters bridges, the Andy Warhol Bridge, during the aforementioned 2nd round by Zambelli Fireworks.

This picture was taken from the walkway of the bridge in the first picture. This is during a point in the fireworks in which there were not only brilliant colorful blossoms high above, but also a curtain, a shower (a shower curtain?) of sparks from the lower edge of the bridge down to the waters of the Allegheny, spanning from one end of the bridge to the other.

Light Up Night was a blast (teehee) and I can’t wait to go back next year.

Pittsburgh is well known for its many many bridges. These are just 2 perspectives of the many beautiful bridges, and the non-traditional ways in which they can be used, in my favorite town in the whole ding-dang world.

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