Timing it Right

Sometimes the sky just screams at me to take its photo. 

Ok, almost always the sky yells at me to take its picture, but sometimes when I look up, I can’t help but gape. 

Earlier this week I had one of those sky-gaping moments. The Kid and I were outside just as the sun went down and the moon had that perfect halo that makes the sky look extra creepy. Throw in a black sky and the essence of a tree branch an I’m in love. 

I ran into our house to grab the camera and, when I came back outside, I probably snapped dozens of photos of the moon with different settings. Always with a good eye for a pretty picture, The Kid asked if she could take a couple of tries at the moon. 

And this is the pic she got. On the first try. Can you see the bat at 1 o’clock? I’ve checked all of my attempts and nary a bat in any of them. 

So, I now chalk up photographic beauty into part knowledge of the equipment and how to make the most of it- and part sheer luck.  

Way to go, Kid. Way to go. 

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