Happy Halloween! Now what?

I don’t know what it is about the eves of my favorite holidays, Halloween and Christmas, that make me a little bit melancholy, but it seems that I always get just a touch of the holiday blues the day before the actual holiday hits. I’m sure there’s an actual term for it, and I know it has to happen to many more than this gal, but it’s still one of those moments that creeps its way into being. 

Happily, it’s only for a moment.

I remember Halloween when I was a kid. Many of them were spent on the pull-out couch (I was a sick kid riddled with tonsillitis constantly) watching the trick-or-treaters pass by our large living room window. I’d sit up in the bed and my father, who I think loved the holiday as much as I did, would put a small speaker attached to his pa system under a large rock and scare the passersby. 

I still remember the smell of the Halloween candy on the occasions that I did get to trick-or-treat. Stuffing my head into a pillow case loaded with all types of treats, that smell of chocolate combined with red licorice and gum is one I remember with so much fondness. When The Kid was little I’d do the same to her treat bag. Ahh.

So, what does one do when their favorite holiday is over? The one that they’ve spent two months decorating for, and planning meals around, and even planning costumes for?

One looks back on the fondness and the happy memories. One takes those happy memories and harnesses them to overcome the melancholy. 

Kind of like a holiday patronus. Way to correlate Harry Potter with Halloween, eh?

Happy Halloween!

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