A Birthday Party with Family, Friends, and KitchenIQ


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A couple of weeks ago, I had a birthday and an amazing party to go along with it. To help me out, I invited my sister’s boyfriend, a certified chef, to give me a hand in the kitchen. At this point in my happy life, I’m more than elated to host a quiet get together with friends and family and their company is more than enough of a present. 

Chef Jeff

So, Chef Jeff donned his chef coat and hat, met me in my kitchen, and we tried out three of KitchenIQ’s top sellers: the Edge Grip Knife Sharpener, the Potato Tool, and the Better Zester. 

KitchenIQ knife sharpener

First up- KitchenIQ’s Edge Grip Knife Sharpener. His first note was how stable the sharpener was compliments of the Edge Grip Bottom. Any chef will tell you that a sharp knife is a safe knife and he loved its two stage process. There’s a coarse sharpening slot that uses carbide blades which can sharpen a dull knife in only a couple of pulls and a fine slot that uses ceramic rods- ideal for finishing and polishing a knife’s edge or for a quick touch up to one of my already sharpened knives.
Made by the experts at Smith’s Consumer Products, Inc., the company has had more than enough practice since 1886 with sharpening knives and its unique design sharpens both double-beveled Euro and American style knives. No wonder it’s a best seller on Amazon.

KitchenIQ zester
Our next test? The Better Zester. This little beauty has a stainless steel V-etched Zester blade (great for any type of citrus fruit you can throw at it), a non-stick, food approved coating which allows the zest to just slide right off of the blade, and Jeff’s favorite, a Fresh Zest container including measurement markings to hold the grated zest. The measurement markers completely take the guess work out of zest the proper amount needed for a recipe. 

zesting oranges
Chef Jeff tried the zester with an orange (orange frosting, anyone?) and absolutely no zest landed inside of the bowl- it was completely caught in the Fresh Zest container. 

KitchenIQ potato tool

The last of the KitchenIQ products we tested was the Potato Tool. Much more than a peeler, the tool has a scrub brush for cleaning potatoes and any other veggie you can think of, a pairing knife that stores right in the handle, and non-stick, stainless steel coated blades on both the peeler and the pairing knife.  

Here’s what I really loved: the ergonomic handle is slip resistant. Take it from someone who practically has their own coffee cup in the emergency room compliments of knife slippage, I’m loving this safety feature!

KitchenIQ taste testing
So, how was the party, you ask? 


KitchenIQ taste testing cupcakes

Surrounded by friends and family, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. We enjoyed a tasty supper and dessert, I received a few lessons in the kitchen from a chef, and I got to try out three amazing KitchenIQ products. They’ve all got my stamp of approval. 

Happy Eating!

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