Sunday Snapshots: Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills, Ohio #SundaySnapshot

Old Man's Cave
Old Man's Cave God's rays

In your travels, have you ever visited a spot that had so much hype from the locals that you felt like there was no way it could live up to its publicity? Before we visited Hocking Hills in Ohio, that’s exactly what I thought of Old Man’s Cave- until I visited myself! Old Man’s Cave is the perfect example of nature at its finest, and Hocking Hills State Park gets the privilege of being its home.

This shot was taken during our hike through the Upper Falls/Upper Gorge area and Mr. Locke happily posed for one of my favorite photos of our trek as it gave him a chance to stop and admire the beauty of nature. The morning sun shining through the forest canopy made for a great backdrop and a frame-worthy photo of our visit. It’s a definite pure-luck-at-the-right-moment kind of shot, and I’m happy to share it with you.

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