Baby Penguins at The National Aviary Make Their Debut #PenguinChickPGH

Photo Courtesy of The National Aviary

Those of you that read my blog are very aware of my love for The National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Not only does it have a sloth (my favorite animal), but the fuzzy, feathery birds make my heart melt. I had a duck as pet in college (a whole other blog post!) and I feel that birds are some of the cutest creatures on earth. My family is a member of the National Aviary which was a wise choice for us and we try to visit at least once a month. The rooms are climate-controlled (great for winter strolling!), they have fun live shows, and the ambiance is all-around fun and family-friendly.

Nearly a month ago when we found out that Sydney and Bette, two popular African penguins in the aviary, were “with chick” for the third time and that the National Aviary installed a Penguin Nest Cam, on December 10th I, along with an average of 25,000 viewers a day, sat at their computers waiting for a glimpse of the newly-hatched fuzzy babies. 

Video Courtesy of The National Aviary

December 15th and 18th were big days for the aviary and its fans and we were elate to hear the good news: Bette and Sydney were the proud parents of two new fuzzy gray babies! As there are less than 20,000 African Penguins in the wild, The National Aviary is doing their part to increase and maintain a healthy African Penguin population and I know I’m very grateful for their commitment.

We all continued to watch the Penguin Nest Cam hoping for a glimpse of a baby or two and I know I melted when I saw both the babies peeking out from underneath its mama. As the chicks grew, I adored receiving word from the aviary and other media outlets that they were growing like weeds and learned that the chicks will increase their weight by 2,000%! 

National Debut on January 8th, 2015

January 8th, 2015, was a huge day for The National Aviary and the love from Pittsburgh was shown all over social media:
From today through early February, the two chicks whose names are to be given at a later date, will be on display at the Avian Care Center in The National Aviary. They will be fed and cared for by the aviary’s highly competent staff and I will be heading up at the first chance to get a peek at them!
The National Aviary has a really cute video of the precious babies on Youtube. Tell me this doesn’t make you smile:

Thank you to The National Aviary for the gorgeous photos and video of baby #2! I can’t wait to bring back some of my own photos to share with you. Please follow them on Twitter for updates and more sweet photos!

Until then, Happy Travels!

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