4 Tips for Making a Cross-Country Move Easy

Tips for Making a Cross-Country Move Easy

Moving anywhere isn’t easy, but it becomes especially complicated when that move is across the country. Here are some tips for making a cross-country move easy.

Tips for Making a Cross-Country Move Easy
Foll0w these 4 easy tips to help making your cross country move a snap.

Tips for Making a Cross-Country Move Easy

Moving cross-country can be an exciting adventure for many, but it can also seem daunting. Moving somewhere entirely new and needing to pack up your whole life into one small moving truck is scary! Don’t let this opportunity overwhelm you. Instead, follow these easy tips for moving cross-country, and you’ll be good to go.

Tips for Making a Cross-Country Move Easy – Declutter and Minimize

A significant challenge that comes with moving is packing everything up so that you can get it across the country. Many items reveal themselves as being awkward and possibly unneeded in this packing process.

Because moving can be so tedious, many people throw these items in boxes, leaving them to take up space in the truck, your new home, and your brain.

When packing, toss or give away what you don’t need. Don’t bring anything along to your new home that you can’t imagine using right away.

Tips for Making a Cross-Country Move Easy – Create a Checklist

The actual moving day will be a challenge, but you should be good to go as long as you plan and prepare properly. One way to plan successfully is to create a moving checklist. This way, you can get everything packed and into the moving truck easily, but you will also be able to go through everything and know what is missing.

A checklist can make the actual moving day easier as well because you can ensure you have the truck full of gas, the interior thoroughly cleaned out, road trip snacks and drinks for the drive, etc. If you have a checklist, nothing will go overlooked.

Tips for Making a Cross-Country Move Easy – Pack Strategically

Many items you will need to bring on the move, such as electronics and clothes, can be challenging to pack. We all have a lot of clothes, and when you put them all into one place they can become heavy. Electronics can also easily break if mishandled or dropped and you may not even know about the damage until it’s too late to repair.

Fix both of these issues by rolling your clothes to save space. Then, use the rolls to cushion your boxes with electronics. After you’ve finally reached your destination, the last thing you want is a broken tv or a hurting back from lifting heavy boxes. Take things slowly but unpack with confidence that your fabric items are guarding your electronics.

Tips for Making a Cross-Country Move Easy – Remember the Little Things

Moving cross-country is a big challenge, partly because you have so many things to take care of. Throughout the entire process, don’t forget the little things. Be sure to forward your mail, transfer your utilities, and collect any necessary information and documents you need in a safe place. Make sure to grab a moving packet from the post office, too – they often have coupons and discounts to use when you arrive to your new destination.

This way, the move doesn’t lead to them disappearing, and if anything happens during the drive, you can easily grab what is most important. These items can include family scrapbooks, pet records, birth certificates, social security cards, etc.

Even with these tips for making a cross-country move easy, the actual process may feel anything but easy. Take everything in stride and eventually, you will be at your new home and ready to live comfortably again.

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