7 Adorably Cute Summer Jewelry Trends To Try This Year

cute summer jewelry trends to try this summer

Are you wondering what’s trending in the jewelry world this summer? Look no further because these are the cute summer jewelry trends to try this year.

cute jewelry trends to try this summer
What are the cute jewelry trends to try this year? Keep reading for the details!

Do you enjoy staying up-to-date with fashion trends? Then you’ve come to the right place. This blog will take a look at cute summer jewelry trends to try this year. Feel free to embrace them all or enjoy one all season long.

Summer Jewelry Trends To Try This Year – Pearls Are In

summer jewelry trends pearl necklace
Pearl necklaces are both trendy and classy this summer

Pearls are in this summer season! Whether you wear them in a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace, you can’t go wrong adding these iridescent pieces to your outfit. Pearls will pair beautifully with any of your crisp summer whites.

Wear a pearl necklace with your favorite white summer dress for an evening with your friends. Or dress up your bathing suit with pearl earrings while sipping a cold drink on the beach.

Summer Jewelry Trends To Try This Year – Gold Cuff Bracelets

Gold cuff bracelet
Ornate gold cuff bracelets – perfect for 2022!

Not every bracelet you own needs to be thin or doused with diamonds. It’s time to try different gold cuff bracelets. They’ll give your wardrobe a buried treasure feel. Create some playfulness by pairing your favorite classic bracelets with large gold cuffs.

The best part is you don’t have to decide which pieces you should style together! You can mix and match them all.

Summer Jewelry Trends To Try This Year – Medallion Necklaces

Sometimes you want to throw on a necklace and call it a day. Then sporting a medallion necklace is the cute summer jewelry trendyou should try. Feel free to add a few more shorter-length necklaces to add dimension, but all you need is the medallion. This trend is no fuss and makes it easier to get out the door when you have a place to be.

Summer Jewelry Trends To Try This Year – Playful Enamel Jewelry

summer jewelry trends enamel jewelry
Enamel can be playful and trendy!

Don’t be afraid to be loud and proud with your jewelry! This summer, you should live by the “more is more” philosophy for accessorizing. It’s especially true for any enamel pieces you want to wear. Start with colorful statement rings and coordinate with vibrant bangles and earrings.

Summer Jewelry Trends To Try This Year – Everyday Gold

Everyday gold jewelry pieces are wardrobe essentials for the summer of 2022. Let this trend shine during the summer when shoes are optional. The trick is to wear pieces that offer different textures, such as braided, herringbone, and chain-link.

Add an element of fancy to a plain t-shirt and shorts or up the exquisite factor of a simple sundress for date night with a gold bracelet and earrings.

Which gold is best for you? That depends on your budget and preferences. Now is the time to add more gold to your jewelry collection.

Summer Jewelry Trends To Try This Year – Layer Colorful Necklaces

Break away from your typical jewelry routine and embrace your whimsical, colorful, and playful side. During the summer, the necklines are lower, presenting more space for layering necklaces. It’s time to experiment with different textures, layers, and types of gold. This trend captures the playful nature of summertime.

Summer Jewelry Trends To Try This Year – Body Jewelry

Have you been afraid to experiment with body jewelry? It’s easier than you may think to incorporate belly chains into your summer outfits. Invest in delicate, eye-catching pieces that add a subtle sparkle to your waist.

Unsure how to style your new body jewelry? These pieces are perfect to pair with a string bikini for a day at the beach. You can also wear them with a skirt and crop top.

Embrace any of these cute summer jewelry trends or try them all, but maybe not simultaneously. They’ll certainly up the bedazzled factor of any outfit.

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