Pretty Woman Musical in Pittsburgh: Not What You May Expect

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Pretty Woman Musical at The Benedum premiered this week and I was lucky enough to attend on opening night. As a massive fan of the 1990 movie of the same title, I went into the show thinking I knew what to expect – wrong. Here’s what’s different from the musical to the movie. 

Warning: There are some spoilers in this post. If you don’t mind reading about them, keep on going!

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Disclosure: I was given media admission to see Pretty Woman to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own!

Pretty Woman is hitting the stage with Pittsburgh Cultural Trust at The Benedum Center February 1-6, 2022, and it’s a fun way to break up the winter blues. And while  any of the Broadway shows have been on hiatus since, well, you know what, I’m elated that the Cultural Trust is bringing in the big hitter touring shows ad musicals. My first one of this season, I was very pleased that both the weather and theater were accommodating for an early February show. 

Here’s everything you need to know when you go. 

Pretty Woman Musical Is More of a Comedy Than a Drama

As a lady that’s watched the movie “Pretty Woman” probably 100 times, I can honestly write that movie is a drama. Sure, it has comical bits tucked in here and there along with some lighthearted scenes (think Vivian and her massive shopping spree) but, all in all, the movie is about the turmoil of both Vivian’s and Edward’s life situations. 

In the musical, however, both of their lives have a much more upbeat spin in the characters. I expected intense scenes like that of Hamilton compliments of the story and theme, but that was not the case. Nearly all of the songs had an upbeat style, which I truly didn’t expect.

Additionally, the musical goes for big laughs and the main characters seem, well, almost happy. Sure, there are some power solos that really let the characters’ perspectives through but, overall, in my opinion the show is funny. 

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You’ll Hear All of the Popular Quotes

What I really loved was the fact that all of the quotable phrases from the movie were in the Pretty Woman musical. 

So for fans, you’ll hear, “I’m a safety girl” and “You know your foot’s as big as your arm from your elbow to your wrist?” and “I want the fairytale.”, which I really enjoyed. There are also countless “What’s your dream?” mentions throughout to seamlessly go one from one scene to another. 

And yes, you’ll also hear Kit drop the f-bomb right in the middle of Cinde…rella. 

Kit Doesn’t Go to Beauty School

In a plot twist, Kit doesn’t attend beauty school but police academy instead. Honestly, I liked the spin on her new career. It gives hope that folks with a sordid past can set themselves straight. 

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Vivian’s Outfits Are Nearly Perfect

Yes, I know Vivian’s famous outfits very well after watching the movie so many times. For the Pretty Woman musical, the outfits are very close apart from the shorts/blazer outfit she wears when she’s talking to Kit near the outdoor pool. That outfit is completely different. One you won’t see that I was really hoping for: the black cocktail dress. It’s been altered for a dance scene. 

Having written that, it doesn’t take away from the overall look of movie versus musical. 

Pretty Woman Musical In a Nutshell

The Pretty Woman musical is very good, honestly. The lead actors were flawless and the supporting cast only enhanced the experience. Olivia Valli (Vivian Ward) can really, really sing and Adam Pascal (Edward Lewis) puts a lighthearted spin on Edward Lewis. 

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