Aldi Lacura Eyeshadow Palette: Naked Palette Dupe

lacura eye palette urban decay naked palette dupe

If I can score a dupe for a high end eyeshadow palette for a  tenth of the price, you bet I’m sharing it with everyone I know. This week, the Aldi Lacura eyeshadow palette hit my store shelves and I immediately knew it was a dupe for Urban Decay. So, I grabbed the last one off the shelf and ran home to test and swatch it. And the results are eye opening. Here’s why you need to run, not walk to Aldi for the Lacura eye palette Urban Decay dupes. 

lacura urban decay dupe pans side by side

I used to work at Aldi for a minute and, when I took my entry interview, I remember the manager telling me that Aldi products are similar to brand name items, some even made in the same factories as higher price brands. Having written that, if you squint enough the packages look VERY similar when side by side – another feature she pointed out. So seeing the package for Lacura Intense eyeshadow palette made me really do a double take. I enjoy collecting makeup palettes (hey, some folks collect coins, I collect makeup. No judgement.)

So, I headed up to my makeup stash and began rifling through my eye palettes (I probably have 50 of them, truth be told). I grabbed all of the Urban Decay (UD) Naked palettes I had, brought them downstairs, and immediately knew which one it was a dupe for: Naked Heat. A 12 pan amber neutral palette, it’s varied enough to use for everyday and intense enough to use for a night/bold look. Plus, the brush in the palette is two-ended and is one of the only palette brushes I keep because it’s higher quality. 

lacura urban decay eyeshadow palette packaging

The Aldi brand eyeshadows have a similar snap-style cover to the UD Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes, but the company changed the cover to a more sharply-edged rectangle for its Naked Heat style. 

As for the outer cardboard packaging, again, very similar in style featuring the palette colors to show what you’re getting without opening the box. 

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Aldi Lacura Eyeshadow Palettes Cruelty Free

I did a quick bit of research and found out that not only are they super affordable ($5.99 plus tax each) they’re cruelty free. That made me happy sigh. And if I’m being honest, (UD) also follows the same cruelty free promise but its palette prices are around $54 each. 

In Europe where Aldi and its brands are originally from (little bit of trivia for ya?), it’s received the Leaping Bunny cruelty free award. Considering its affordability, I’m very, very happy the makeup line is coming to stores in the U.S. 

Lacura Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

lacura eyeshadow palette urban decay dupe

Here’s where the fun began. I swatched both the Naked Heat palette and the Intense side by side on my arm and asked my daughter to guess which is which. She went through each color, noticing which side was more pigmented, looked less chalky, and has more color payoff. 

Her answer, and I completely agree with her, is that the Lacura Intense offered better pigment as a whole. Yes, it’s that well made. 

lacura intense eye palette brush

As for the brushes, again, nearly identical. If the Lacura name wasn’t written on the side of one, I’d never have been able to tell the difference. 

Lacura Naked Palette Dupe at Aldi: Styles

For now, Lacura can be found at Aldi stores in the Weekly Finds sections. At this time, they’re not available at all locations, sadly. When I shopped today, only the Intense palette was there but there are 4 different color stories duping UD palettes:

  • Intense
  • Two
  • Smoky
  • Nectar
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