August 2020 Aldi Candles Review from Huntington Home: Worth Every Penny

August 2020 Aldi Candles

When I see a new batch of three-wick Aldi candles in my weekly flyer, I make it a point to be at my local store on the morning they hit the shelf. I’ve been so impressed with every batch over the last year, I couldn’t resist this month’s scents. Here are all four August 2020 Aldi candles from Huntington Home and which ones you better make a beeline for fast. 


Over the past year, Aldi has impressed me every time it brings out a new batch of three-wick candles. And if I’m being completely honest, it’s my go-to place to shop for just about everything. For one, it’s an “in and out” kind of store so I’m not there forever. Second, its prices are very affordable. And third, I know my local store from front to back so I can hit the places I need to and be done.

My Experience with Aldi Candles

Last year, I saw a three-wick candle (vanilla mint called First Snow) on the shelf and, on a whim, bought it. I took it home, lit it, and immediately was upset that I didn’t buy more of the same kind. This year, there have been two Aldi candles that have reminded me of Walt Disney World, so you know I bought them. Hello, happy place! Add in the fact that each candle is only $3.99 and, for me, it’s a no-brainer purchase.

So, having learned my lesson, whenever I see Huntington Home candles in my weekly ad, I’m at my Aldi on the day they can be purchased. This month, there are four uniquely-different-from-the-other styles and I can’t wait to share them.  Get ready for Chocolate Filled Belgium Waffles, Agave Citrus, Brisk Summer Nights, and Lemongrass Bamboo!

August 2020 Aldi Candles: Chocolate Filled Belgium Waffles 

August 2020 Aldi Candles Chocolate Filled Belgium Waffles

If you like chocolate, and only want one candle this August, make it Chocolate Filled Belgium Waffles. As soon as I opened the lid I could smell decadent, cream chocolate with a hint of rich vanilla. The soy blend wax is a beautiful, medium brown and reminds me of the color of hot chocolate. 


August 2020 Aldi Candles: Agave Citrus

August 2020 Aldi Candles Agave Citrus

Agave Citrus smells like a last salute to summer. It’s sweet with a blend of grapefruit, orange, and lemon (my opinion, folks!). The agave addition makes it a smooth scent. The wax is really pretty – a mango shade. This would be a scent to have burning in the background if you’re trying to get work done as it’s a nice, energetic fragrance. 


August 2020 Aldi Candles: Brisk Summer Nights

August 2020 Aldi Candles Brisk Summer Nights

If there was a “manly” scent, it would be Brisk Summer Nights. To me, it smells like fresh air with a hint of men’s cologne. and the wax color is gorgeous with its teal blue hue. I could see lighting this candle on a chilly, weekend night with out living room fireplace aglow. Ahh…

August 2020 Aldi Candles:Lemongrass Bamboo

August 2020 Aldi Candles Lemongrass Bamboo

The most refreshing out of the four new scents is, by far, Lemongrass Bamboo. You can definitely small the clean scent of lemongrass but I’m not smelling any bamboo. In my defense, lemongrass is a very strong scent. It reminds me of organic cleaning products in the nicest way. 

Final Thoughts

If I had to choose my favorites in order of best to least, here they are:


  • Chocolate Filled Belgium Waffles
  • Lemongrass Bamboo
  • Agave Citrus
  • Brisk Summer Nights

Trust me, they all smell amazing, so it comes down to personal preference. For me, I like foodie scents, so Belgium Waffle will be my new go-to. 


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