Autumn Essentials 2021: The Best Gifts for Fall Lovers

autumn essentials 2021 guide

When I turn my calendar page to September, I immediately thinking about pulling my hoodies and sweaters out of storage, getting my candles ready to light, and wondering what I need to buy for the autumn season. This year, I founds loads of items that will be making a permanent home in house and are highly recommended by me and my family. From pumpkin spice and everything nice to cozy loungewear and products to keep your skin looking its best, here’s my autumn essentials 2021 guide! 


Disclosure: Many of the items in this post were sent to me complimentary for so I could include them. Additionally, Amazon affiliate links are included. Thanks for supporting Sand and Snow!

Infrared Feels

autumn essentials 2021 - infrared heating pad

Infrared heat has been used for years to alleviate back pain and cramps. The Far Infrared Heating (FIR) Pad is 12 by 24 inches and uses graphene as a heat conductor, making it light and easy to fit into your travel case. FIR also claims to detoxify your body, promote blood circulation, and ease chronic fatigue. And you thought you only needed a typical heating pad. 

Price – $64.99. Amazon Prime members get free shipping. 


Comfy Lounging

autumn essentials 2021 - wide leg lounge pants

Heat Holders started off by creating the world’s warmest socks but over time the demand for the product pushed them to expand their line. Their loungewear is made with the softest fabric and is ideal for sleeping in or just lounging around. Personally, I really enjoy hanging around the house in these wide leg pants and it’s hard to change into anything else once I’m in them!

Price – $29.99


Cozy Tootsies

autumn essentials 2021 - heat holders socks

The warmest yarn? Yep, it’s a thing with Heat Holders socks. Using Japanese-designed, cashmere-style yarn, each pair provides moisture management while keeping those tootsies felling warm as can be. Add in the fact that they come in fun colors, and I’m all about it. 

Prices – Pairs start at $9.99


Apothecary Assistance

autumn essentials 2021 - apothic sisters soap body butter

Soap Cauldron is the Maker of Three Sisters Apothecary, a family-owned, local maker of artisan soaps and skincare. They strive to embody the simplicity and beauty of nature with handcrafted, small batch products made with pure plant oils, gourmet butters and natural botanicals. As someone who enjoys the smells of autumn, the Harvest Moon Trio and Gift Bag Set smells like a slice of fall heaven. 


Harvest Moon Trio -$26.50

Soap & Body Butter Gift Set – $18


Stride to Ride

autumn essentials 2021 - strider converting bike

Here’s a perfect fall product for new parents and their new littles – the Strider Bike 2-in-1 Rocking Bike. This bike is a great indoor activity as the autumn temperatures roll in. It gets babies as young as 6 months old on their first bike to start building balance and confidence. The Rocking Bike comes with one of our 12” Sport balance bikes and detachable Rocking Base so as your child grows – the bike grows with them.

Price – $209.98


Taste the Tropics

autumn essentials 2021 - tropical fruit delivery

Can’t make it to a tropical destination this autumn? Tropical Fruit Box may be the perfect, nutrition-conscious, flavorful self-indulgence, beauty and health regimen box you’ll ever receive.  

With tropical fruit assortments like aromatic Pink Guava, creamy Mamey (Sapote), sweet Longan (Dragon’s Eye),huge and buttery Tropical Avocado; exotic fruits like Guanabana (Soursop), fresh whole Jackfruit, and sweet and sour flavored Rambutan, Tropical Fruit Box arrives complete with fruit reference cards and versatile, chef-inspired recipes.

Price – $99


autumn essentials 2021 - vegan crocodile bag

I’m all about retro style this autumn! This Vintage Crocodile Handbag from ASIAS is a crossbody bag that exemplifies luxury and style. It’s genuine leather with a polyester lining is perfect for a casual day out or a night on the town. Equipped with an interior slot pocket, cell phone pocket and interior compartment, this bag is perfect for everyday storage of your personal items. 

Price: $141.75

Stressless with No Mess

autumn essentials 2021 - no sweat weighted blanket

The Baloo weighted blanket molds to your body like a gentle hug. and, man, it it comfy. The blanket doesn’t trap in heat and is cool enough to use year-round in all climates. It’s machine washable and dryer safe, and are sized for adults to fit the top of a full / queen or king size bed with minimal or no overhang. Baloo Blankets are available in 12lb, 15lb, 20lb and 25lb weights.

Price – $159 and up


Rub it In

autumn essentials 2021 - bbq sauces and rubs
Serving up Southern BBQ that’s true to regional traditions while still creating unique, reimagined flavors is an art form in itself. Thanks to Lillie’s Q, Chef Charlie McKenna’s Grandma Lillie, a full family lineage of barbecue passion, and a commitment to craft, they’ve mastered it.  With a variety of sauces & rubs, you can order your favorite style and dig in – just in time for fall football. 


Sauces – $6.99

Rubs – $4.99

Dust Bath

autumn essentials 2021 - prana cbd products

Prana Principle CBD products are ideal for a relaxing autumn. It’s CBD Eye Serum and Face Serum can help keep skin healthy and moisturized as the weather changes. On for cooler fall days, the CBD Bath Salts or Fizzy Dust is so lovely for a leisurely bath. 


Fizzy Dust – $9.99 and up

Eye Serum – $29.99

Face Serum – $29.99

Lotion – $24.99

Cuffed to Autumn

autumn essentials 2021 - isabelle grace cuff

Isabelle Grace Jewelry designs are sustainably (and lovingly!) crafted by local artisans out of a studio in Massachusetts.  While each piece is unique, it’s the gorgeous colors and flexible brass that I dig compliments of having a small wrist. The Dahlia Cuff comes in six pretty colors, and I really like the turquoise as it goes with all of the autumn palettes. 
Price – $38

Bourbon Art

autumn essentials 2021 - artistic bourbon glasses

Taking cues from her travel photography, Susan Vizvary turns them into abstract works of glassware. My favorite style, SVP@home Asian Tassels, hones the color palette from tassels hanging in shops and the bourbon glasses are perfect for my whiskey-loving husband. 

Price – $75 per set of 2


Apple of My BBQ

autumn essentials 2021 - kyvan bbq sauces

In my neck of the woods, you can’t think about autumn without thinking about apple-picking season. And for all of us apple lovers out there, KYVAN Soul Food Selections are just what the doctor ordered. If you can’t make up your mind which ones to choose, go for the Honey Apple Butter and BBQ Sauce!


Apple Butter Two Pack – $21

BBQ Sauce 3-Pack – $28.99

Seeds to Balance

autumn essentials 2021 - ear seeds

I’ll take holistic healing anytime, and Bloom Balance has two products that made my radar. Its Healing Ear Seeds are small, ionized and tonifying beads made of 24K gold or silver that are used to stimulate pressure points in the ear helping to reduce stress and anxiety, balance the body and mind, and promote overall health and well-being. 

The company has also introduced our signature white jade and black obsidian Gua Sha stones, a tool used in a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that focuses on a deeper facial and body massage to help firm the look of skin, improve circulation and release tension. Plus, it just feels good on the skin. 


Healing Ear Seeds Starter Kit – $45

Gua Sha Stone – $28


Pumpkin Pie without the Calories

autumn essentials 2021 - pumpkin pie candle

If you want pumpkin pie without the calories, a candle scented just like it is a good bet. Hand-Poured in California by a woman-owned business, Scented Designs Candle Co. makes the most adorable pumpkin pie tin candles that are long lasting, clean burning, and scented with phthalate-free, body safe oils. 

Price: $14

Barking Apples?

autumn essentials 2021 - apple pie bark

Nothing says fall quite like apples! Fresh out of Grandma’s oven, this deliciously-flavored chocolate apple pie bark from goldbelly will make you nostalgic for your childhood. Sugar Plum has married mouth-watering, signature chocolate with delectable, organically sourced apple pieces and finely crushed graham crackers. Each box serves 2-4 people and contains 1 lb. of apple pie bark. 

Price: $55 with free shipping


Bath Buddy

autumn essentials 2021 - tub and bed table

Creating the ultimate pampering experience, this bathtub caddy and laptop bed desk can be also used for the self-employed who work from home and want to catch up on the work from bed or sofa rather than sit in front of a desk all day. And think about the new moms who can watch a movie in bed while cradling/nursing their little angles – ideal!

Price: $39.99 and free Prime shipping


Custom Autumn Vibes

autumn essentials 2021 - custom envy tumbler and phone cases

Last year, my daughter and I had a fun Halloween photo shoot and the pictures turned out amazing. So this year, I wanted to showcase them everywhere I go via a Custom Tumbler and Custom iPhone Case. Enter Custom Envy. The company offers affordable and well-made customizable gifts that ship quickly. I’ve received nothing but rave reviews about them!


Phone Case: My iPhone XS Max case: $34.99

Custom Tumbler: $35.99

Task, Task

autumn essentials 2021 - weekly task agenda

Did you know planner guilt was a thing? Yep! But, it can be avoided with a non-dated agenda from June Paper Market. The Weekly Task Agenda is a flexible, undated/open dated planner perfect for keeping your busy schedule and to-do list under control. Minimally designed to allow you the freedom to stop and start whenever you like, there are no wasted pages, no planner guilt. 

Price: $32

Hair Keritan

autumn essentials 2021 - mayraki shampoo conditioner

Mayraki Organic Hydrolyzed Keratin Instant Smoother System is the first-ever keratin smoothing treatment that uses only organic, 100% vegan, and sustainably sourced ingredients. We support local economies and source directly from countries where the ingredients are found in abundance. There are no toxic chemicals so it is completely safe for home use and even for pregnant women. This is amazing for those who want the results of a regular keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout that you get at a salon at home without the significant carbon footprint and harmful chemicals.

Price – $99

Good Vibe Hoodie

autumn essentials 2021 - positive vibes sweatshirt

Awake Happy is a brand you should really get know. It offers sustainable & mystical tees, hoodies, & sweatshirts to lounge in or hit the streets. Its mission?  To help everyone bring out the vast expanse of infinite wisdom that is within.  New designs drop every month and the patterns and images make me want to learn more about the cool concepts. My pick: the Allow Your Thoughts to Fade hoodie

Price: $50

Hot Water by the Yard?

autumn essentials 2021 - yard long hot water bottle

I remember when I was little and lived in New England. I loved it when my mother would heat up the water bottle, wrap a towel around it, and hand it me to cuddle around. Fast forward to present day where hot water bottles are improved to the effect of being 2 1/2 feet long! The SANGER LONGI hot water bottle, complete with knitted cover is ideal for chilly nights and when you’re not feeling well – and holds 2 1/2 liters of water!

Price: $39.95


Apothēc Elements

autumn essentials 2021 - element apothic products

Element Apothēc (super cool name, BTW) is all about using botanicals in its beauty products. With the inclusion of CBD and CBG, they’re designed to relax both body and mind.

Calm Cool Collected Tincture can regulate mental and physical systems that support homeostasis (optimal bodily function) and its Nourish Lotion is an ultra-hydrating daily moisturizer formulated with broad spectrum hemp phytocannabinoids (CBD + CBG), soothing botanicals, and beneficial oils for all skin types while still being lightweight.


Nourish lotion – $59.99

Calm Cool Collected – $119.99


Phone Yourself to Sleep

autumn essentials 2021 - wireless headphones band

 SleepPhones, the world’s most comfortable headphones for sleeping, relaxing, and traveling,  were developed by a family doctor who needed a way to listen to soothing music after taking patient calls in the middle of the night.

Each Bluetooth headband is fully padded with nothing sticking into the ears and are so much more comfortable than other headphones out there. As soon as they were delivered, my teen daughter tried them out and has been using them in bed ever since. 

Price: $99.95


You’re My Fresh Hero

autumn essentials 2021 - airhero

Let’s face it: rooms and shoes can be stinky. AirHero can help with that, naturally. A next generation air freshener, it uses coconut shells and activate charcoal to eliminate stinky places and things. All we have to do is put them in our shoes, under cupboards, or place them on a shelf and they naturally remove funky odors. 

Price: $37


I’m Not Makup-ing This Up!

autumn essentials 2021 - anak beauty

Founded by medical aesthetician, Anakarina, Clean Beauty by AnaK is a collection that includes only the best components found in nature, is backed by rigorous research, and is designed to help individuals benefit from a customized regimen through identification of skin types and needs.

Necessity is the mother of invention. After suffering from psoriasis and eczema and finding no relief from the leading skincare lines, founder Liz Rettiz needed a solution. As a result, Liz Rettiz Cosmetics and Skincare was born. Emphasizing the sole inclusion of clean and ethically obtained ingredients, Liz found the answer to her skincare problems, and in turn, discovered a newfound sense of confidence only obtained through natural and authentic beauty.


Clean Beauty by AnaK – Prices start at $15

Liz Rettiz Cosmetics – Prices start at $10.63


Knotty Not

autumn essentials 2021 - hair detangler for pets
I know when it’s scarf season, my hair knots in the back and it’s nearly impossible to get out without losing a ton of hair. Knotty Tamer is the quick hair detangler and knot remover that does not pull, tug or tear out hair!  It feels good, never gets stuck so kids love it and it even works on extensions of all kinds. The secret lies in the 360 degree bristle flex that works in any direction to remove knots with each pass. 

And I’d hate myself if I didn’t didn’t share the pet version, too.   Knotty Pet feels great, never gets stuck, smooths knots and creates bonding time.  

Price: $23.99 each


How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Note the Ways

autumn essentials 2021 - love note cards

A LoveCube consists of up to 60 cards containing messages and images customized for your special someone. The cards are wrapped in a ribbon and arrive beautifully packaged in an adorable  keepsake box. Plus, you can create your own LoveCube by telling us a little about them and your relationship. The messages can be edited, and any of the images can be replaced with your own to make the gift even more personal. 

Price: $47.99


Journal Your Thoughts

autumn essentials 2021 - journals

Habit Nest makes wellness guided journals.The journals marry together daily content and daily tracking to essentially coach users through building habits. The company is obsessed with learning news skills as quickly as possible and then systemizing it to make it easier for us. In a nutshell, it builds an easy and effective roadmap to build new habits.

Journals range in topics from finance to fitness to making productive mornings. My favorite: Living with Gratitude. 

Price: Starts at $33.90


There Is No Box – There Is Only You

autumn essentials 2021 - there is no box book

When given the choice of downing liquor or writing a book, author Dino Miliotis chose the latter. His first, “There is no Box” highlights his rise to becoming a millionaire, losing it all, and then making it all back with his fun sense of humor thrown in there for a good read. It’s light enough to keep you interested and good enough to do the same. 

Price: $17.95 with free Prime delivery


Your Monthly Bliss Awaits

autumn essentials 2021 - bliss awaits subscription box

Beauty Kitchen was born from the belief that the world deserves 100% natural skincare and cosmetics without the use of chemical preservatives. Each product is hand-made fresh at facilities in the USA, and are always Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, and Sulfate-Free. So, you’re only putting good stuff on your body. My picks: the Blood Orange Body Splash, Calm Skin Moisturizer, and Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. 

Price: Limited Edition Box – $49


Fringe Comfort

autumn essentials 2021 - cozy blanket

An affordable, super lux fringe blanket with a farmhouse theme? I’m all in! This Buffalo Plaid Throwfrom Good Manors Living is perfect for the back of your couch, the end of your bed – you name it. Plus, on chilly nights it’s a great size to wrap around your shoulders. Made from 100% acrylic, it’s easy to wash and dry as well. 

Price: $25.99 with free Prime shipping. 


No More Whining for Wine

autumn essentials 2021 - wine bottle opener box

The Orblue Rabbit CorkscrewWine Gift Set is the perfect gift for wine lovers to welcome in autumn. The nine-piece set includes a rabbit-style opener to make opening any bottle easy work, a wine aerator to shorten the amount of time your wine needs to breathe before drinking, and wine stoppers to keep your wine fresh for days after opening. It all comes in a premium wooden case for organization and a beautiful display. 

Price: $37.87


A Lamp of Rainbow Colors

autumn essentials 2021 - multicolor charging lamp

Between windy nights and heavy snow, we frequently get power outages. it’s then we’re looking around for flashlights and candle lighters. But, no more, my friends. Lamp Angel is my new best friend during a power outage. It comes on automatically when the power goes out and has a USB port to charge my phone if need be. 

Not only is it attractive, it comes on during power outages but I still happily use it as my everyday lamp in the bedroom. I can change the base light colors, too. 

Price: $49.99


Scents and the City

autumn essentials 2021 - city inspired candles

Nothing sets a more comforting mood than lighting up your favorite candle. I love to fill my home with scents that instantly make me feel a sense of luxury and wonder where to start planning my next adventure. Each hand-poured creation from RareLumiere is beautifully packaged with a corresponding handwritten note included in the box.

The beautiful slow-burn wax (each candle lasts approximately 55 hours) creates very little pooling, reducing the need to relight used wax or generating additional smoke. 

Price: $39


No More Dinner Guessing

autumn essentials 2021 - usb meat stick

My husband has shied away from cooking steaks at home because he’s unsure how to cook them medium rare. Enter MeatStick. It’s the perfect gift as it can be gifted to those that love the newest high-tech toy, for the foodies that want to cook the perfect steak, and for those that cook in the kitchen that need another useful kitchen tool. We can even use it for outdoor cooking, too. 

Price: $99 with free Prime delivery


Your Gleem-ing Face

autumn essentials 2021 - gleem beauty products

Every glēēm product contains a base of organic, clinical grade Aloe Vera as the plant is filled with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, enzymes, amino acids, folic acids and a host of Vitamins such as Vitamin A,C,E and B12. glēēm is primarily made with organic, pharmaceutical grade aloe vera as the list of aloe’s healing benefits is tremendous.

A highly anti-inflammatory ingredient, aloe also helps to reduce pore size, the appearance of acne, wrinkles and fine lines, slow the skin’s aging process and repair sun damage.  Aloe vera contains Vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene, which does not only help in nourishing but also aids in anti-aging. It is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin which is common during the fall and winter seasons. 

Price: Dynamic Duo -$160


AYAM Beautiful

autumn essentials 2021 - ayam skincare

All AYAM beauty products are made with Dead Sea Minerals — 12 of which are not found in any other ocean or sea salt. They are free from parabens and utilize only natural ingredients to provide individuals with the best experience possible.  Additionally, they’re the first-of-its kind in that they are friendly to all budgets compared to other Dead Sea products – the bottles are huge!


Facial Wipes – $12

Shampoo & Conditioner Set – $20


No More Messes. Period. 

autumn essentials 2021 - period panties

Ladies, how many times have you woken up in the morning and realized it was Shark Week, only to have to change your bedding? HighOH underwear is leakproof and reusable, making them a no brainer for incontinence and for Aunt Flo. The 2-pack comes with a waterproof wet bag for on the go storage. 

Price: 2-pair set plus bag – $39.99 with free Prime shipping


Wicks-ful Bliss

autumn essentials 2021 - wicksly candles

Each month, Wicklsy hand pours skillfully scented, luxury soy candles specifically crafted for that month.  All of the candles are delicately handmade with love in Chicago, IL.  And if you love candles, but dislike shopping for them, it offers subscriptions month-to-month or as 3, 6, or 12-month gifts. 

Price – 5-ounce candles – $25


Your Eyes Are Magnetic

autumn essentials 2021 - magnetic mascara liner

Created from having a teeny monthly budget, sisters created HighOH and a super practical beauty item: 3-in-1 Lashliner. Ecofriendly and cruelty free, the product combines an eyeliner, lash bond, and eyelash serum. The wand it super slim, offers zero smudging, and zero glue clumps. 

Price – $39.99 with free Prime shipping


(Infra)Red in the Face

autumn essentials 2021 - infrared facial wand

Have you heard of the benefits of red light therapy for skin? LADUORA® VELVE, a sleek and elegant facial wand is designed to restore youthful-looking skin in a smart, natural, and noninvasive way. Featuring best-in-class dermatological technology: sonic vibration, therapeutic warmth, LED red light therapy, and microcurrent, it firms and rejuvenates the skin to a degree that is impossible to achieve with jade rollers alone.

Use with your favorite serum (or theirs) to get the most of your serums, moisturizers, and luxury eye creams with its gentle warming massage feature that allows skincare products to absorb better into the skin for optimal results. 

Price: Wand and serum kit – $94.95


Clear-Cut Accessories

autumn essentials 2021 - clear purse

Margo Paige focuses on clear fashion forward handbags that meet bag regulations at events + venues. Each is ideal for those who attend concerts, festivals and sports, too. The bags are durable, recycled PVC handbags and have affordable pricing, excellent for all year wear and durability. I, personally, dig the fringe-style bag as it has a built in card holder and is absolutely adorable for autumn. 

Price: $72.99 plus free, same-day shipping


Three Times a Basket

autumn essentials 2021 - handmade wicker bowls



(Journ)al My Beauty

autumn essentials 2021 - journ beauty products

Journ’s mission is to help us feel your best every single day. They do this by creating functional good-for-you products that actively simplify beauty, health and wellness routines. 

Dew contains eucalyptus, jasmine, and neem, which help nourish skin and reduce the appearance of redness while helping protect and soothe sensitive skin. Autumn means cooler temperatures which can lead to drier skin. Dew’s vegan formula will help reduce irritation and hydrate your skin throughout the fall season and beyond.

Journ ALSO is a moisturizing lotion that also sanitizes. With a blend of premium ingredients like hibiscus, jojoba, and shea butter, ALSO helps hydrate your skin with a creamy, non-greasy feel while eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This vegan formula meets the FDA and CDC guidelines for hand sanitizer and is paraben, sulfate, phthalate, gluten, and cruelty free.


Dew: $39

ALSO: $22


Have You Gone Crackers?

autumn essentials 2021 -mary's gone crackers

This Fall, I’m looking for tasty, crunchy snacks to cozy up by the fire and watch a movie with. Mary’s Gone Crackers’ offers tasty, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO crackers that are really, really good. Available in 14 varieties, Mary’s is designed to fuel active and health-conscious lifestyles with delicious and nutritious allergen-friendly snacks.

Price: $4.59 per box


Ghostly-Smooth Skin

autumn essentials 2021 -ghost generation body scrubs

The Ghost Generation is bath and skincare items perfect for sensitive skin. They don’t contain any chemicals and are safe for kiddos to use, too. In a world where everything seems crazy at the moment, the company wanted to bring a bit of beauty back into it at affordable prices. I LOVE the body scrubs – perfect for dry autumn and winter skin and they smell delish. 

Price: $7 each


Steeped in Ease

autumn essentials 2021 -steeped coffee bags

There are times that I simply don’t want to make an entire pot of coffee – that’s where Steeped Coffee comes in handy. What sets Steeped Coffee apart is its proprietary brewing method that does not require machines or brewing equipment, so it’s made much like tea. The coffee comes in single-serve bags that are nitro-sealed to ensure absolute freshness. Additionally, they’re perfect for travel and hotel rooms. 

Price: $15 for a 10-pack box

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