4 Hidden Hints of Walt Disney in Magic Kingdom

Even though Walt Disney passed away almost five years before Walt Disney World opened, his brother, Roy, and the imagineers made sure to put special touches in Magic Kingdom. And while some of the hints of Walt Disney in Magic Kingdom can be easily spied, others can be downright impossible. To create a fun way to discover them all throughout each of the park lands, here’s a fun list.

walt disney easter eggs in magic kingdom

Window Shopping

Walt Disney Window on Main Street USA

When Main Street U.S.A was being created, the idea of adding important names to the second story windows was a fun touch to pay homage to the greats. And the greatest of all, Walt Disney, gets double the dose of honor. 

From either end of Main Street, look up to the second story and you’ll spy Walter E. Disney’s name first no matter which way you’re walking for two reasons. First, it’s so he’ll always be the first name to view as he was the creator of Magic Kingdom. And second, just like a film’s producer is in the opening and ending credits, so is Walt Disney. 

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Castle Crest

Disney Crest on Cinderella Castle

There’s nothing like seeing Cinderella Castle, especially if it’s the first time you’re visiting Magic Kingdom. The gilding shines in the Florida sun and it invokes feelings you may not even know you had. 

While everyone loves to take a photo in front of Cinderella Castle, it’s in the back you’ll need to look for a touch of Walt. Right above the walkthrough, look up until you spy a coat of arms. It turns out that family crest is the Disney crest. Another cool touch!


Ye Olde Christmas Disney

Kepple sign in Liberty Square

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square has several exits, but it’s the one that heads toward Adventureland that holds the family secret. Look for the heart shaped plaque that says “Kepple”- that was Walt & Roy’s grandfather, Kepple Elias Disney.


All Aboard!

walt disney train station magic kingdom

In the train station in the middle of the park’s entrances are a couple of Walt homages. First, there’s a photo of him. Second, be sure to check out the photo of the first train at Magic Kingdom, the Walter E. Disney. 


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