Blizzard Beach Reopened: Your Top Questions Answered

Blizzard Beach reopening - wave pool

Blizzard Beach reopened last weekend and I was nearly crying happy tears. Ok, I did get a little misty when I walked through the turnstiles and saw all of the castmembers clapping and cheering. Happily, I know there are plenty of Walt Disney World Waterparks lovers that are as excited as I am to take a spin on the lazy river.

And I also know I had questions about the reopening. So, to make things easier for you, here are the answers to your top questions about Blizzard Beach reopening. 


Blizzard Beach Reopen Safety & Precautions?

Blizzard Beach reopening sign

This was definitely the top question for me. How is Walt Disney World keeping us safe when we visit Blizzard Beach?

So, before you even walk through the turnstile to scan your ticket (Blizzard Beach tickets can be purchased here), you, along with every guest, will have your temperature taken via a forehead thermometer. It’s super quick and barely takes any time out of your day.

If your temp reads 100.4 degrees or higher, you’ll asked to step into a cooling tent for a few minutes. If it still reads 100.4 or higher you, along with the rest of your party, will not be admitted. 

Blizzard Beach reopening tween obstacle course

What Are the Blizzard Beach Reopening Face Mask Rules?

In a nutshell, here’s the face mask policy at Walt Disney World for Blizzard Beach. You’ll be required to wear a mask unless you’re in the water or actively eating or drinking while stationary for guests ages 2 and older. You’ll also need to heed the six foot distancing rule. You don’t have to wear them while in your reclining chair in the sand, so that’s good. 

Additionally, you’ll need to wear a mask at the entrance/exit, retail locations, for food & beverage ordering, and in the bathroom and locker areas. 

Blizzard Beach reopening your top questions answered

You’re not permitted to wear face masks on any of the slides or in the water for safety reasons. There’s no need to wear them while waiting in line for slides and other water fun, either. 

To keep things simple, there are castmembers ready to let you know where and where you don’t need masks. Feel free to ask them. 

Blizzard Beach reopening slide sign

What’s Open at Blizzard Beach?

When it comes to rides and water areas, everything. That means that the chair lift (the first of its kind in Florida!), all of the slides, the lazy river, you name it, is ready to roll. 

Also, the food & beverage stations are open as well. Just, please, heed the physical distancing markers. 


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