Disney CodeIllusion Review: Worth the Price?

Disney CodeIllusion Review

Disney CodeIllusion is a really fun way for kids (and adults!) to learn coding. This summer, my teen daughter had the chance to try it out and her take on the self-paced tutorial surprised me. From cost to how it works to a discount code, here’s our Disney CodeIllusion review. 

Disney CodeIllusion Review

Disclosure: Disney CodeIllusion graciously gave us a complimentary package in exchange for this review. As always, our opinions are honest and all our own! 

If you’ve clicked around Sand and Snow, you know we’re huge Disney nuts. Walt Disney World has been my daughter’s go-to happy place for nearly a decade, so when the folks at Disney CodeIllusion reached out to us to write up a full review, I jumped at the chance. Here’s our honest review of CodeIllusion. 

Disney CodeIllusion: The Basics

Disney CodeIllusion
Screenshot of Disney CodeIllusion

In a nutshell, Disney CodeIllusion from Life is Tech! is a way to learn computer coding but with a Disney kick. The program offers online lessons, in a story form, and each of those have steps you need to complete it. So, you start with Chapter One, complete the steps in it, and then move on to the next. Each lesson gets more involved, but you’re rewarded with cool features like changing background colors or making musical sounds when you click on an image. So far, she’s done lessons including “Tangled”, “Aladdin” and “Zootopia”. 

At this time, there are 14 original story lines with the program. To keep people interested and to make the price worthwhile, Disney CodeIllusion has 7 chapters with 125 web-based lessons covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Processing via Media Art, Game Development and Web Design.

With the full Disney CodeIllusion package, you’ll be sent an Enchanted Starter kit. Basically, it’s a beautiful book that has pieces of puzzles that you’ll need to progress the story line and items that make you feel part of the story. For example, in Chapter Two, my daughter opened an invitation to a contest. So, think physical props to immerse the coder deeper into the story line. In addition, you’ll get a folder with postcards to add to the book. 

Is Disney CodeIllusion for adults? Absolutely. If you’re thinking about getting into coding and want to test the waters it’s ideal, especially if you love Disney art and animation. 

Disney CodeIllusion Review Postcards
Postcards in Enchanted Book for Disney CodeIllusion

Disney CodeIllusion Review: Pros and Cons

Having taking the lessons for a couple of months, my teen daughter came up with a few pros and cons of the lessons. I felt they were worth a read:


  • Beautiful art style for the lessons and segments
  • Story line is immersive and fun
  • Lessons are challenging, but not too hard as you learn what’s needed in the previous chapters
  • Skills learned in previous lessons continue to come up to help remember
  • It’s very thorough in a “learn by doing it yourself” style while still giving you explanations when new things are brought up
  • If you get stuck on a lesson, there’s a hint area to get additional details to help complete. You’ll continue to get hints until you work your way through it including puzzles in the story sections.
  • Able to save progress and jump from part to part.


  • Because it was originally written in Japanese, there are a couple of times where grammar isn’t the best. Happily, you can still get the gist of what’s going on. 
  • Solving puzzles can be tricky sometimes as clicking on areas in the puzzle-solving parts are super exact.
  • Had a moment where there was a glitch in solving a puzzle so progress was halted until tech support got involved. However, tech support was very patient and helped with the issue. She had to reach out again after the original support ticket as she didn’t hear anything on the first email sent.
Disney CodeIllusion Review
Disney CodeIllusion

Disney CodeIllusion Price

Starting price for the full Disney CodeIllusion is $899 USD. Sure, that sounds like a pretty penny, but if you have children (or you, yourself) are interested in coding, it’s a great way to test the waters to see if it’s something they want to pursue. But, check below for my discount code to save some serious cash. 

Disney CodeIllusion adding music
Adding music to an image in Disney CodeIllusion.

Disney CodeIllusion Discount Code

Us my Disney CodeIllusion code S&S10 when checking out to save $200 off the price of  the full program. So, instead of $899 the price is $699.

Full disclosure: This is my affiliate code, so I’ll make a small commission without any additional cost to you! Thanks for supporting our site. 


Disney CodeIllusion Review



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