Disney World Character Cavalcades: Where and How to Find Them

Disney World reopening 15 thigs you need to know character cavalcades Magic Kingdom

With physical distancing in full force at Walt Disney World, character interactions have been put on hold for this year. But, you can still see your favorite characters in the parks with mini parades, aka, Character Cavalcades. Here’s the scoop on where to find them, which characters you’ll see, and hints for making sure you see them. 

A Goofy Character Cavalcade at Magic Kingdom.
A Goofy Character Cavalcade at Magic Kingdom.

Last week, I hit the Disney World reopening and it really was a special time in the parks. Yes, there’s a new normal including the mask wearing policy, but if it let’s me stay safe in the parks, I’m all for a semi-temporary change. 

And, one of those changes is Character Cavalcades. In all four Disney World theme parks, it’s a fun way to see, wave to, and cheer on your favorite Disney characters while still staying compliant with social distancing. 

Magic Kingdom Character Cavalcades

Magic Kingdom has three different styles of Character Cavalcades that start at Frontierland and head to Town Square:

The Royal Princess Processional – Beloved Disney princesses on a castle-style float. Princess Merida rides on her steed Angus to lead the Cavalcade.  Cinderella, Tiana, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Rapunzel have been spotted on the float, but Princesses are subject to be swapped out/changed. 

Mickey and Friends Cavalcade – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, & Daisy Duck have been spotted.  The music for this Cavalcade is from the Movie it! Shake it! MousekeDance it! Parade that normally takes place throughout the day. 

Cinderella’s Evil Stepsisters – From time to time, guests in Fantasyland may spot the dastardly Anastasia and Drizella and can interact with them from afar while they’re perched on a balcony of Cinderella Castle. I didn’t see this one personally, but I love the Tremaine sisters so it should be fun. 

A Goofy Cavalcade – Goofy, along with Max, Clarabell, Panchito, and Jose Carioca are on an adorable float. It has the same tune as the Mickey and Friends Cavalcade. 

Tinkerbell Cavalcade – I saw this one on our first day back to Magic Kingdom. Super adorable, Tinkerbell is sitting on a giant pirate treasure chest and the music fits the theme. 

Donald's Dino Boat Bash Character Cavalcade at Animal Kingdom
Donald’s Dino Boat Bash Character Cavalcade at Animal Kingdom.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Character Cavalcade

The Animal Kingdom Character Cavalcades take place on pontoon-style boats throughout the day along the waterways and near the rivers of Light stadium. 

Donald’s Dino Boat Bash! – It’s Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Launchpad McQuack on this one that goes from DinoLand U.S.A. to Discovery River.

Discovery River Character Cruise – Timon and Rafiki or Pocahontas with Meeko.

Discovery Island Drummers – Fun, upbeat percussion music with drummers cruise along Discovery River.

Epcot Character Cavalcades

Really fun, antique cars and vehicles transport the Epcot Character Cavalcades around World Showcase. 

Mickey and Friends World Tour – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Goofy all out sightseeing and waving to their friends.

Frozen Promenade – Queen Anna and Elsa, of course. What I found funny was the fact that Anna was in a carriage while Elsa had to walk the entire mile-long route around World Showcase. You can always keep an ear out while dining around the world at Taste of Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2020. 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Character Cavalcades

You’ll find the Hollywood Studios Character Cavalcades at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or along Hollywood Boulevard:

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Two different Cavalcades:

Heroes of the Resistance, including Rey, Chewbacca and Vi Moradi on platforms above the garage in Black Spire Station or surveying activity around the spaceport where the Millennium Falcon has landed. 

First Order Stormtroopers and Kylo Ren at Docking Bay 9 beneath their TIE Echelon assault vehicle.

Cool, modern convertible cars take these characters down Hollywood Boulevard:

Pixar Pals Motorcade – Characters from The Incredibles to Toy Story.  You can expect to see Buzz and Woody during this one. 

Disney Junior Stars Motorcade – Disney Junior stars including Fancy Nancy, Doc McStuffins and Vampirina. 

Disney World Character Cavalcades Mickey Magic Kingdom
Disney World Character Cavalcades Mickey and Pals at Magic Kingdom.

Tips on Character Cavalcades at Disney World

There’s no set time when a Character Cavalcade will shop, but there are some clues. Walt Disney World has a brilliant way of queuing new music when a character is just about to arrive, so be on the listen for a musical change. Oftentimes, the music will be significantly louder, too. 

As for getting a good spot, the cavalcades keep moving (undoubtedly to keep folks moving as well), so if you know the route but miss them, you may be able to catch up to them at another point. 

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