Five Benefits to Staying at Disney World Value Resorts

Woody at All-Star Movies Resort

At least once I week I get asked, “Which Walt Disney World Resort is your favorite?”  And people are generally surprised when I tell them that my family loves the Value Resorts. They raise their eyebrows out of curiosity and then ask me if I would choose them over a Moderate or Deluxe Resort. My answer? Depending on our travel budget my answer is a huge, resounding yes! Sure, the resorts are very budget friendly, but there’s more to our love of Walt Disney World Value Resorts than just their low cost. Ready for my top five benefits to staying at Disney World Value Resorts? Here’s why we adore the All-Stars, Pop Century, and Art of Animation!

1. They Never Feel “Budget-y”

All-Star Music Mickey

I seriously mean it when I tell people that WDW Value Resorts do not feel like budget hotels. Compared to Moderate or Deluxe Resorts, the Values do have less square footage (260 for a standard room with a maximum occupancy of four), but they do take advantage of every inch to maximize space and use. The bathrooms have a vanity with a draw curtain that’s separate from the shower/toilet areas allowing for the three of us to all get ready at the same time. Hey, I have a modest teenager that needs her space and she likes to change in the bathroom.

Headed to Disney World on a budget? Here's five great benefits to stay at Disney World Value Resorts!

“Mousekeeping” has always been really kind to us at every Value Resort we’ve stayed as well. They leave cute towel animals on our beds on some nights, extra shampoo or soap when we request it, as many towels as we need for the pool, and have even hung a bag full of supplies on our door if we forget to take the Do Not Disturb sign off.

2. Larger Than Life Disney Icons

Walk around a Walt Disney World Value Resort and you’ll spy loads of larger-than-life Disney movie icons around what seems like every corner. If you have some down time at one, mosey around. you’ll be very pleased you did, and the kids will love them.

All-Star Music Resort pool

3. Kid-Friendly Pools with Fun Activities

Each Value Resort has at least three pools to chose from. The main pool is always the most crowed compliments of the nightly movie offering, and hourly water activities, so if you’re not into swimming in a crowded pool, head over to one of the smaller pools for more swimming area- especially during off-season.

If you’re visiting during a holiday, double check the activities guide for special entertainment and fun. We stayed at all-Star Music on Halloween night and had a blast trick-or-treating around the pool.

Tip: Disney pools are heated so don’t forget to pack your swimsuits no matter when you visit.

4. Comfy Beds

A very random reason to love Value Resorts but seriously, the beds in the Value Resorts are some of my favorites. You’ll love that aspect, especially after a week straight in the theme parks.

Woody at All-Star Movies Resort

5. More Money in Our Pockets to Spend in the Parks or on Another Trip!

This one goes without saying, but yes, you will save some cash if you book a Value Resort over a Moderate or Deluxe- and that’s money you can use on another family Disney vacation or spend in the parks on meals and souvenirs. Book during off-season or during special promotions and you’ll save even more.

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Do you have a favorite WDW Value Resort? Please let me know why it’s your fave in the comment section below!

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