How to NOT Get Sick at Disney World and What to Do if You Do

How to not get sick at Disney World

With cold and flu season either just around the corner, already, here, or on its way out, it makes sense to want to protect yourself when you visit Walt Disney World. So, what exactly can you do to not get sick when you visit? From easy items to pack in your park bag to resort room tips, here’s how to not get sick at Disney World – and what to do if you do. 


Truth? I’ve been sick at Walt Disney World. A few times, in fact. I mean, it makes sense. Guests are bringing in germs from all over the world and, without the resistance against them, I’m bound to catch a bug here and there. But, full disclosure, I don’t get sick every time I visit. And, even more, I’ve learned what to pack for both the theme parks and my resort room to make me, and my family, more comfortable. 

This post isn’t to creep you out or freak you out, but it is meant to try to keep you well. 

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1. Wash Your Hands. All the Time.  

The renovated bath room/changing area at All-Star Movies Resort. We loved all of the cubbies to put our stuff.
The renovated bath room/changing area at All-Star Movies Resort. We loved all of the cubbies to put our stuff. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

As a general rule, if you’ve touched something at Disney World (WDW), chances are thousands of other guests have that day. So, wash your hands frequently. WDW has bathrooms located all over the parks. 

If you have smaller children, make sure they wash their hands after every trip to the bathroom, after playing at playgrounds, and after using Disney transportation. 

Also to note: really try to keep your hands off your face – it’s a great way to avoid getting sick. 

2. Bring Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wipes

What to buy at the Dollar Store for your Disney vacation: Hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is inexpensive, especially when you buy it at Dollar Tree.

If you can’t make your way to the restroom, hand sanitizer and hand wipes are a good alternative. We like to carry a small bottle that has a clip and attach it on the outside of our backpack or park bag so it’s extra handy – and there’s no excuse for not using it. 


3. Get a Flu Shot – or Pneumonia Shot

Prevention is the key to getting common viruses and funk, so if a flu shot has a remote chance of keeping me from getting ill, I’m down. If you’re within age range of needing a pneumonia vaccine, check with your doctor and get one, too. 


4. If You Think Someone’s Ill – Stay Away

How to Pace Yourself at Walt Disney World Main Street USA

You know that sound and look of someone with a cold/flu: coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and a general look of malaise. So, if you see the signs of illness, keep your distance. I’m happy to move to keep from getting sick. 

5. Avoid Sugar

Mickey Cookie
One of my favorite breakfasts at Walt Disney World: a giant, chocolate chip Mickey Cookie. Not kidding.

You may find this surprising, but eating refined sugar can suppress your immune system temporarily for a few hours after ingestion. And, yes, it’s very hard to resist all of those delicious Disney sweets. So, consider snacking on fruit and veggies instead. 

6. Drink All the Water

Not only will staying hydrated keep you feeling better in general, but it’s a must-do when you’re in the hot, Central Florida sun. 

7. Use Sunscreen


While you may not think of having a sunburn as being ill, I’ve been and it makes me feel wretched. It’s hard to sleep and move, I get chills, and I just feel gross. So, having learned my lesson, I avoid harmful sun rays by keeping protected -and that means using the highest SPF I can find. 

8. Resort Tips

We tend to road trip to WDW, so it’s easy to pack extra items for comfort – and one of them is Lysol spray. I know the rooms get cleaned well, but I like to spray down the handles, toilet, and room door just for extra protection. 

9. Decline Housekeeping

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room
Pirate-themed rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

If we’re not staying long, we also like to decline room cleanings, keeping folks out of our room. The less folks in the room, the less potential for germs. Dig?

As a bonus, many WDW Resorts offer a gift card incentive for declining housekeeping!

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10. Pay Mind to How You Dine

Again with this, but if you’ve touched a serving spoon, chances are others have. If you have, grab that hand sanitizer or wash your hands before you dig in. 

What to Do if You Do Get Sick at Disney World

First Aid Centers at Walt Disney World things not to pack for Walt Disney World

Depending on the severity, you have several options. Each theme park has a Care Center for common complaints. I’ve popped in for a headache and was given medication, for bandages when I had a blister, etc. It’s also a place to rest if you’re completely exhausted. 

If it’s something more serious, but not life threatening, there’s an urgent care center just outside of Disney Springs. I had to go once when I caught the flu. If you don’t have a vehicle, you’ll have to call for an Uber or Lyft. 

Of course, if it’s something serious and life threatening, please don’t hesitate to ask a castmember for help. They’ve been trained in critical care and can assist you. 

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