When Mom Gets Sick at Walt Disney World

It’s been nearly two years since I caught the flu at Walt Disney World. I remember that vacation to Central Florida in October 2013 so well. I overplanned (as usual!), wrote all of our FastPass+ selections down on note cards, double checked our Advanced Dining reservations to make sure I had the correct confirmation numbers listed, packed our suitcases and repacked them as the forecast changed, and even purchased Disney gift cards for The Kid (they’re easier for her to keep track of her spending money).

What I didn’t plan for was acquiring influenza mid-trip.

I remember the day before I got sick. We were visiting Epcot for the day and every time we passed by Mouse Gear and the automatic doors opened I got goose bumps from the air conditioning. Odd, I thought, but didn’t think anything more about it until that night at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom. We stood in line for over two hours waiting for The Kid’s dream come true: The Nightmare Before Christmas’s Jack and Sally in their first meet and greet in the park. I remember my eyes burning violently and chalked it up to being tired.

After the party, we headed back to our room at Pop Century Resort and the second my head hit the pillow I was out for the night.

The next morning when I woke up it felt like I got hit by a semi truck. With chills and sweating at the same time, a vicious headache, nausea, and a fever through the roof, I remember the first thought that came into my head: I’m going to miss a park day! That day was spent in a pitch black room and, even though I took dose after dose of Tylenol, there was no shaking the 103+ degree fever.

I could feel The Kid sitting on the edge of my bed. You know how you can just FEEL someone staring at you? She’s a worry wart and even through bloodshot, burning eyes I could see the look of fear coming from her face. I wasn’t sure if it was fear of Mom being sick or that fact that she may lose a day at Magic Kingdom.

Honestly, I’m sure it was a bit of both. Moms aren’t allowed to get sick. Ever. If you’re a mom, you know what I’m talking about. Every trip to our family physician for me starts with the phrase, “I don’t have time to be sick. Help!” And, when I got sick on vacation at Walt Disney World, there was an even more urgent need to get better fast.

So, with me stuck in bed, Mr. Locke and the Kid headed out to the parks with my insistence. I missed rides, dining reservations, photo ops with our Memory Maker package, and, most off all, I missed my family. Terribly.

What did I eventually do? On the third day of  barely being able to raise my head off my pillows, Mr. Locke ended up taking me to an urgent care facility and we spent hundreds of dollars on co-pays and medicine. 

What I Wish I’d Known About When I Got Sick at Walt Disney World- American Well!

Mr. Locke and The Kid enjoying the park- without me!

I wish I would have known about American Well, the nation’s largest telehealth company. American Well allows you to connect with a physician immediately from the comfort of your home. Or bed. Or Walt Disney World Resort room. They are able to treat minor injuries and illness, general health and wellness concerns, prescription refills, and chronic condition management.

Meaning, I wouldn’t have had to drag by aching body out of bed to find an urgent care center or er. American Well doctors are available 24/7/365 either by mobile or desktop and users will receive immediate, online service.

Signing up for the service is COMPLETELY FREE and you only pay when you use the service- a $49 fee. That $49 is such a bargain compared to the hundreds of dollars I spent to see a physician in an urgent care center.

The Giveaway 


Not only is American Well giving away a promo code good for one free telehealth visit to all of my readers (use “TMOM”. Promo coupon/code ends on December 31, 2015) with a $49 value, but they’re pairing with Amwell for a mental health giveaway of sorts: a $500 Spafinder gift card! Giveaway ends on October 6, 2015. 

How to Enter:

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Happy travels!

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  3. idotor

    thank you for your sharing. this story tells us how important the telemedicine is, epecially nowadays so many people are in a state of sub-health, and the Covid-2019. And everyone in the family, not only mother, should keep healthy.

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