5 Ways a Micro-Cation Is Beneficial

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Have you heard of the latest trend, a micro-cation? It’s the latest style of travel, and folks are jumping on board with its benefits. Here’s the scoop and why you may want to consider one yourself.

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As a travel writer, I’ve been taking micro-cations for years, but they just didn’t have a title. Unless it’s a very long way away from my home (think driving 1,000 miles to Walt Disney World), I’m all about hopping in the car and heading out of town for three or four nights. And, it turns out, I’m not the only one that likes to take shorter trips. 

However, when I was younger, I grew up on a military base. I remember driving for three days straight to arrive at my father’s parent’s home. It’s there we’d stay for at least a week, if not two. Those long vacations meant leaving my friends and toys at home. Yep, it was the life of a military brat

So, here’s why a micro-cation is the latest travel trend and my fave benefits.

What's a micro-cation and why should you take one? From peace of mind to missing our furry friends, here are five reasons to consider a micro-cation for your next vacation. #Microcation #familyTravel #TravelLocal #TravelConfident

What’s a Micro-Cation?

In a nutshell, a micro-cation is a mini vacation lasting anywhere from two to four nights. It’s replacing the week-long vacation for Millenials and even we Gen Xers are hopping on board with the trend. 

So, instead of looking forward to a week-long vacation once a year, folks are traveling two or three times a year for smaller vacations. 

If you’re into stats:

25% of the general population and 29% of Millennials saying they took at least three micro-cations in the last year. For all the stats, Allianz Travel Insurance has done all the digging and come up with some fun numbers here. 

1. Micro-Cations Make It Easier for Your Boss to Say Yes

Micro-cations make it easier for your boss to say yes to travel
Photo Credit:Pixabay

Let’s think about it for a sec. If you’re not your own boss, asking for a few days off instead of an entire week off seems much more palatable to both parties, yes?

At this point in my life, I’m self-employed, but Mr. Locke isn’t. He’s only allotted a certain amount of personal days per year and, while in an ideal world he would travel with me for every trip, it’s not possible. So, he’ll fly in for a couple of days here and there or take several long-weekend trips. He gets the best of both worlds: a happy boss and time on vacation. 

2. More Trips Per Year Means More Ahhh….

Micro-cation means more ahhh
All the “ahhhhh” more frequently. Photo credit: Pixabay

This is a very logical reason for me. Normally, it only takes a day of travel to really start unwinding. So, if I can get that feeling of “ahhh” more times per year, even if it means a shorter vacation, I’m on board. 

Again with the numbers, but 26% of Millenials and 28% of Baby Boomers feel the same way. 

3. No Reason for a Longer Vacation

Micro-vacation for family travel
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Many folks are taking vacations for the purpose of seeing family and friends or special occasions. It’s these micro-cations where they feel that five days is enough time to get it done and get home. 

4. Domestic Is Cool

micro-cation in China town New York City
Can you find the exotic domestically? It all depends on your point of view. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

The increase in micro-cations is letting folks explore their own backyards, aka their own country. Here in The States, a rising trend is looking for vibrant domestic locations instead of flying halfway across the globe. 

I, personally, agree with this logic. I’m all about road tripping, so finding “foreign to me” cities and towns makes for a fun vacation whether I’m with my husband or teen daughter. Think large cites with ethnically-diverse areas or older cities with plenty of history. 

I know I briefly mentioned Allianz Travel Insurance earlier in the post, but I really am a huge fan. The company offers peace of mind, aka travel insurance, for both casual and constant travelers. Most major U.S. airlines are covered and it’s affordable, especially when it comes to having travel peace of mind. You can also choose whether you want it for a single trip for an entire year. 

5. Because We Miss Our Pets

Rescue cat Bella

I’m the proud owner of several rescue cats and I miss them so much when I’m away. When we’re away, I have a house sitter come in and stay and have family check on them constantly. 

If you don’t have that luxury and have a dog or cat, the next best thing is to find a reputable pet camp or boarder, which can get expensive. So, less days of travel means less cost for Fluffy and Fido – and less stress for them, too. 

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