#ITravelBecause I’m a Military Brat

#ITravelBecause Road Trip Freedom

Were you bitten by the travel bug at an early age compliments of your parent’s job? For this military brat, the answer is a huge, resounding yes. It runs deep in this gal’s blood and those early childhood memories of family travel have evolved into my own family’s love of travel. #ITravelBecause I’m a military brat. Here’s why. 

#ITravelBecause Military Brat Travel Bug
Spending time on military bases was a way of life (and what started my love of travel!) for this girl. Photo Credit: Pixabay.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Allianz Travel Insurance. All opinions are my own!

Growing up on an Air Force base in extreme northern Maine, if my family wanted to see anything apart from it, we had to travel. And by travel, I mean, hop in the car and get ready for three day’s worth of travel.

To visit a McDonald’s took the better part of a day, to be honest. And it was those times that we road tripped, even if only for a dinner at a fast food restaurant, that stuck with me. 

So,  it came as no surprise that I was bitten by the travel bug at a very early age. Road tripping was a lifestyle that I happily embraced – and continue to embrace to this day. As the self-professed queen of road tripping, I’ve fallen in love with so many small towns and big cities, and that only makes me want to see more. 

#ITravelBecause: First Road Trip Memories

Classic nursery rhymes brought to life in Storybook Forest at Idlewild Park.
Classic nursery rhymes brought to life in Storybook Forest at Idlewild Park. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

It seems like a million years ago, but the first road trip I remember is heading to Eastern Ohio to visit my grandparents. I must have been three or four but, the memory of walking up to my father’s parents’ porch and seeing their smiles, still makes me smile. 

During our visit, we headed to Laurel Highlands to check out Idlewild Park. I don’t remember much of it, but I do remember one specific section: Storybook Forest. Filled with small houses right out of fairy tales, it was absolutely magical. And that magic spilled right over into adulthood.

It’s also the city where my hero, Fred Rogers, was born, so visiting was like a dream. I recently went back and spent the day visiting the Fred Rogers Trail and it was all the emotions. I was happy, sad, honored, and fulfilled. My daughter and I visited where he went to school and church.

I learned how just about every resident has a Fred Rogers story. But what made me the happiest was knowing he was a truly amazing man, not just a facade for a character on PBS. 

When my daughter was four, I took her to that exact same park, to walk through the exact same teeny buildings. Seeing her smile and laugh, the same way I’m sure I did at her age, made my travel come full circle. It’s cool to have her first travel memory be from the same spot as mine. 

Road Trips = Freedom

#ITravelBecause Road tripping rocks
There’s nothing like looking in the rear view mirror and seeing where you’ve just been. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Fast forward to present day. I know I mentioned that road tripping is a way of life for me, but it’s so much more than that. It’s become a way for my cyber-schooled daughter to bring to life her American history books. Im a true believer that seeing where history occurred resonates so much more than boring words on a page. 

I also road trip for the freedom it gives me. I know, some folks only like to fly, but I love customizing our road trips at the last minute. We can pull off the highway to check out small town America if we want. Or, we can drive 15 hours straight through from Ohio to Walt Disney World. The choice is all ours. 

#ITravelBecause I Can Travel Safely

#ITravelBecause I can travel safely
Always play it safe when road tripping – this girl doesn’t take chances! Photo Credit: Pixabay

I’m a mom, so I understand the worry of traveling far away from home. There’s always the “what if?” factor that likes to sneak into my head. But there are things I can do to minimize the travel stress.

For one, I have someone keep an eye on my house at all times. We’ve had a major break-in when we traveled, and I learned my lesson the hard way. not only was I angry at the thief, I was angry at myself – we had the security systems but didn’t install them!

Second, considering purchasing travel insurance makes sense for me. If I had to choose a favorite, Allianz Travel Insurance makes the cut. It even makes sense if you’re a once a year traveler. Pricing is based on where you’re headed, ages of traveling party, along with a couple of others.

If you travel constantly, it’s a no brainer. for me, I can get an annual plan that starts at $135, and that price includes emergency medical and transportation. 

Lastly, we have multiple security systems installed around our home so we can check in or be notified. 

Why do you travel? I’d love to know what inspires you to hit the road or the air! Leave me a comment or hit me up on social media. 

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